Good Fortune birthday blanket

I finally got around to this month’s Star Kisses block of the Molli Sparkles Honey Pot Bee.

Since it was the day before my birthday, and I was in a purple/Amethyst mood,  I decided to dive in and cut into my precious purple stash for this monthly Bee.  This deep purple fabric is my current favorite fabric.  It’s from Kate Spain’s Good Fortunes line (27104 18). The whole line is out of print, but with some “good fortune”, I was able to purchase a bit of it.  I love how the block came out, even though I clearly need some improvement on sewing the points.  Also, I should have been paying attention to the direction of the background fabric, but alas, one piece is off kilter.  I remember reading that traditional quilters put a “mistake” in their quilts since, “only God is perfect.”  So whenever I make a mistake, I smile knowing this is my nod to tradition.


I couldn’t stop with just one block of my favorite fabric so I pulled it together into another doll blanket for A Doll Like Me. With some more favorite purple fabric (Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis Textiles) going around a border, I had a nice and simple design.  For the backing, I used  Elizabeth Hartman’s adorable giraffe nightfall.  Here is the final quilt at 21″ x 24″ and it’s just the perfect doll size.   Despite having some machine issues, and having to undo a lot of stitches, I am thrilled with the final results.  I’m calling this my birthday doll quilt.  I hope some little girl who adores purple, will love wrapping her custom doll with this blanket.


2 responses to “Good Fortune birthday blanket

  1. You did a lovely job with your block, and your quilt. If you hadn’t mentioned the “misdirection” of the print, I would probably have been so busy admiring how you got the others to match up that I would never have noticed…


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