Student String quilt

This is a week when I’m completing quilts that my students have been working on for months.  They are down to the wire because the quilts are being brought to Israel in just a few weeks.  They will be hand delivered to sick kids at S.A.C.H., an organization that provides life saving heart surgery to children from around the world.  I will talk more about these quilts as they are completed, but they are beautiful works of art.  Many of the kids who worked on these quilts had never sewn before now.   I am eager to show off the finished products when they are done.  Here’s just a taste of one string quilt that we made. We played with varying configurations of the blocks.  We used a design with a strip of white fabric down the middle of each block.  The string blocks were half light and half dark fabrics, which allowed for some extra options when assembling the final quilt.  Here is one way to use the blocks.  While interesting, it’s not the look the kids wanted.  IMG_3205.JPG

In the end, the group consensus was this design that creates light and dark squares.  Our quilt got larger than this plus we added a border.  More photos will come but this gives you a feeling for one project we’ve worked hard on for several months now.  Gotta go add the batting and backing to complete this baby.  The label is printed and when all quilted, using a permanent fabric marker, the kids will be writing their names onto the back of the quilt.IMG_3207.JPG


4 responses to “Student String quilt

  1. An appropriately beautiful quilt for a beautiful cause. It’s amazing that despite the participation of many students, the quilt came out looking like a unit. I can imagine this coordination must have been difficult, but it looks like they had a great teacher!!
    I give the project a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.


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