Frog Fun

My 8th grade students have now completed their 2 quilts.  What an extraordinary project this has been.  Today was our last session before Passover.  The kids will be leaving for Israel soon and I won’t see them again until sometime in May.  I thought they might have fun making something for their seder tables.

I had wanted to make frog bean bags with them, but the project would require at least 2 or more sewing sessions.  I designed this easy frog project and it was perfect for the limited amount of time we had.  We were able to use our sewing skills to make this simple, yet adorable little friend for the seder table.


I just adore these little frog faces with their button eyes and zig zag mouths.

I have collected old buttons for years now and it was a pleasure to use them with these students.  You can’t see, but each frog has a jumbo button on the bottom to help it stand.  We dumped them into a box and the thrill of finding treasures wasn’t lost on anyone.  I have buttons that almost 100 years old, which added some historic value to our project.   One girl even asked if she could just sort buttons when her frog was completed!

When the kids return from Israel, I plan to make pillowcases with them.  Until then…this was a perfect send off for these talented and hard working kids.


4 responses to “Frog Fun

  1. Oh how cute! Wouldn’t these little frogs be sweet appliquéd across the bottom of a quilt? I might have to do this with my boys ☺️


  2. I love reading your blog.
    Kids are lucky to have such a good teacher.
    Interesting that it makes them work together. Great way for
    them to make friends and really helps shy kids.

    Liked by 1 person

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