Love for Linette

The quilting community is very warm and generous.  Caring for others is something that we often step up to do.  We are always being asked to donate quilts or blocks for those in difficult or dire situations and today was no different.  Perhaps this one spoke to me more because of my own situation, of course.  Whatever the reason, I was compelled to get involved.  Collaborative projects feed my creativity and help me meet other quilters while spreading kindness and love.

I don’t know Linette personally, but she is a fellow quilter with a husband who has been battling cancer and hospice is now in the equation.  She is a giver and this time, she will be the recipient.

“Love for Linette” is a request for 9.5″ 9-patch quilt blocks in bright, monochromatic colors.    This part gets me the most, for we are asked to leave one square white or light to represent the “hole” that will be left in her life when her husband is gone.  Yup, you read that right!  I may never look at a 9-patch the same again.

To learn more go to

💟💟💟 #loveforlinette

Here are my blocks, photographed with my iphone since my good camera is on the fritz.


I love the musical notes and Tula Pink raccoon.

IMG_3471 (1)

This teal 9-patch has fun fish, happy giraffes and the Kaffe Fassett Smiling Buttons fabric as the low volume square.   Even when I make a quilt for an adult, I like to toss in a bit of novelty fabric to add cheer.

IMG_3477 (2)

This was the first block that I made and I had to begin with the Chicken Soup Recipe, which is my all-time favorite low-volume fabric.  


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