Spaceship monkey

I’ve been eager to take a photo of this quilt that I completed yesterday.  In fact, I just returned from the camera store with a new lens to make this a priority.  The quilt top has been done for quite awhile, but I finally just pulled it all together.  Back in the donated box of fabric from Rosemary was a nice swatch of night sky fabric with gold dots in it.  I took one look at that fabric and saw a star-filled sky.  This past summer I made a quilt for the Dallas police tragedy and that quilt had stars in it, which radiated so nicely.  Those same stars came to mind as I dreamt up a new doll quilt for some space-loving kid.

2016, Donated Quilt which I made for the Dallas Police Tragedy


Monkey Spaceship, Doll quilt, 18″ x 26″                                                                                Look at me embracing a scrappy background and liking the results!

After making the two large scrappy stars, I felt something else was needed.  So naturally, a spaceship came about and of course…it had to have a sock monkey at the controls.  So this is my fun and free style quilt.  I don’t know why I took so long to pull it all together because I had a “blast” (see what I did there) with quilting it.  I added orange doodle-like swirls space wind and wide swirls in the stars.  The rocket had to have red flames for take off.  Finally, I used a straight navy binding with a red accent at the bottom to accentuate the lift off!


This quilt will be going to A Doll Like Me just as soon as I can part with it!


5 responses to “Spaceship monkey

  1. I absolutely love what you do and why you do it .. you are an incredible woman and I’m so glad to be a part of your world!!


  2. Gorgeous! I love both the police quilt and the doll quilt. That monkey in the space ship is toooo cute! Thanks for linking up 🙂


    • Thanks Kat. I never posted about the police quilt but it was a labor of love…sadly brought about by an effort to counteract the tragedy last summer. As for a monkey in space…it seemed like the obvious driver to me!!


    • Thanks, this creation was very organic and fun to make. I’m sure there’s a doll that will match up well with this design.


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