Under the Sea


Under the Sea scrappy quilt, 18″x 24″

Sometimes a new quilt book comes out and the amazing author decides to do a blog tour. Lucky for me, I own her first book, so I have been paying attention.   No Scrap Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg is clearly inspirational.  She is obsessive about using every little scrap of fabric.  Her designs work well with beginners and my students will surely be seeing some of her ideas in my lessons.  I have been thrilled to peek at so many wonderful designs, including Amanda’s Slopes quilt, shown on Sandi Hazlewood’s blog.


IMG_8259My little interpretation of this awesome scrap-buster quilt is blue with a pop of lime green.  I made up a quilt design that began as a half shell and sort of morphed into something fun and modern.  I’m not sure what to call it, but it was liberating to do.  With one little fish scrap on the top left, I’m calling this quilt “Under the Sea”.  This doll quilt will be going to A Doll Like Me shortly.


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