Two Denim backpacks

I may not have blogged in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been very busy making things.  My current obsession is making string bags and other backpacks.  My students made them at the end of this school year.  This was our final project and we had such fun!  After making bags with quilt fabric, I wondered what it would be like to make a string bag out of denim.  Lucky for me, my family had some old denim that they no longer needed.  I love the ease of the string bag, but it needed some pockets.  Here is the result of my playing around with the pattern using denim.


This bag has a purple theme with a zipper on each side.  My next one will probably have even more pockets.  The consensus in my family is that the best touch is the addition of the back jeans pocket.  This bag went up to camp for a friend who has been testing out my original string bag.  I loved making a version of the string bag out of denim, but the final decision is that it will be much harder for students to sew.  I wore this sample for a few weeks and it really is comfortable and convenient.  I gifted this bag to my friend, since I wanted her to have an upgrade for helping me.

The second style of backpack that I am loving is slightly more upscale in style.  This bag was made from two different colored pairs of jeans. as a surprise gift for my son’s girlfriend.  He helped with the fabric choices and overall design, and lucky me…I love collaborating with him on any creative project!


This basic bag had far too many pockets so several upgrades were needed.  I added several different colored zippers outside, plus I snuck one inside the lining.    The bag needed an extra loop for hanging, plus it had to have a side elastic pocket for a water bottle.  The little coin pocket from the denim jeans was perfect added to the other side of the bag.

The construction of the bag was much more difficult than it should have been due to awful online tutorials.  However, now that I have experienced the basic design, I can customize it further.   The next version of this bag will be for me to keep.  It will have a leather string and magnetic closure…but stay tuned for that on another post.




4 responses to “Two Denim backpacks

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    • Thank you for hosting the TGIFF. I plan to make more bags. I gave them all away and now I need one for me to keep!


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