Fussy Cutting Quilt

IMG_8895 (1)I couldn’t wait to share this quilt in progress.  It’s the June block design from the fabulous Molli Sparkles Honey Pot Bee. The link is below and it’s being called the 4″ Economy Block Design, although in other places I’ve seen it called Square in a Square.  I’ve always loved this block because you can use it for wonderful novelty fabrics, especially for kid’s quilts.  This quilt is going to be a full crib size, as opposed to my frequent doll-size quilts.


I’ve used some favorite fabrics in this quilt.  Like the sock monkey in yellow, the cuddling momma and baby bear and of course, the bottle-holding “Cry Baby” fabric. The colors are hard to photograph, at least for this novice.

The Molli Sparkles bee is so much fun.  While most people are making a sampler quilt from all the blocks, I prefer to just play around and make a few smaller quilts here and there.  I’ve loved some of these designs and as always, I’m having a blast learning with the community of Molli fans!!


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