Photographs of Summer Quilts

I may not have been blogging, but I’ve been busy making lots of different things from fabric…perhaps too many.  Like many quilters, I have have lost count of how many projects I have in-progress. My first goal ought to be completing a bunch of things, and I will do that, but today I needed to photographed six already-finished doll quilts.  I have been reading about ways to improve the photographing of quilts, and this was the day to put some ideas into practice.  I consider myself an adequate photographer, but I’m hoping for better lighting and more interest by inserting a few focused props.  Let me know how you think I did with trying to step up my game!

The Banana Rainbow Quilt below is one of my absolute favorites!!  It’s paper-pieced, a scrap buster and it was from a magazine!!  While I love looking at quilt and sewing magazines, for some reason, I seldom select patterns from them.  Not this time!! This pattern is from Make it! Patchwork, special issue, Summer 2016 and is “Radiance Baby Quilt” by Amy Garro.  I love finding a baby quilt pattern that is fresh, versatile and fun.  To make the pattern work in a miniature, doll-size, I reduced the paper piece patterns from 10″ to 8″.  I used a Bella solid in Butterscotch for the background, but otherwise, the sample quilt is pretty much the same color-scheme as mine.  My kids, who often critique my quilts, felt that I should have stuck with the original background, but I am very fond of this barely-yellow banana-like color.


Banana Rainbow Quilt, 22.5 x 27.5″


What a bonus that I found the perfect backing with this gorgeous flame-stripe yellow Kaffe Fassett fabric.  A log-cabin-inspired my label on the back, and I can’t imagine any other fabric to pull it together so perfectly.   When free-motion quilting, I took advantage of the plain border to add a curvy swirl with a heart in each corner.  As a little surprise, I wrote in a few words as well.  I think this is a really cheerful and simple quilt that has lots of possibilities.


Can you see the words “A Doll Like Me” that I free-motion quilted in the triangle above?


Purple Floppy Ear Dog Quilt 16.5″ x 22.5″ 


The favorite quilt above is another in a series of dogs with floppy ears that move. I posted about another dog quilt a few months ago in Snow days equal sew days . That red, blue and brown quilt was a hit by everyone who saw it, so a redo was in order. I didn’t have our puppy Annie to pose with this newer quilt, but I did borrow a few of her bones for effect.  For this version of the Fons and Porter pattern by Kimberly Rado, I went with a more feminine style quilt, thus the main purple color and pink-lined ears.  I found a way to use up lots of scraps  for the border of this one, which made the piecing more difficult, but fun.  I will probably keep making this beloved quilt over and over, but there is a cat version which I need to try one of these days.  The link for the pattern is below

This bright quilt below, which many of you have seen before, is called, Mango and Celery.  The first photos were simply lousy, so I am posted it again.   This is an original design by me and the blog post was from a few months ago Summer challenge quilt. Since the first photos seemed faded and dull, I snapped it again to do the colors more justice.   The solid bright tangerine gives the quilt a nice counter-balance to the pale celery color.  I made this to be summery, but today the colors remind me of autumn.. Redoing this photograph is a great reminder that good pictures go a long way to helping elevate your work.



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