Chicken soup and string blocks


IMG_0708 (1)

My chicken soup with lots of spices and goodies

I needed today to be a slow and calm day.  With snow on the ground outside and cold temperatures sticking around, it was the best day for making chicken soup and doing some sewing.  The chicken soup is on the stove with lots of extra parsley on top.  I know it looks more like vegetable soup but trust me, this is my chicken soup with lots of goodies in it.  I always think of my two grandmothers when I make chicken soup.  I love carrying on the tradition of making soup for my family.  However, I admit that they would have been appalled to learn that my family doesn’t like the chicken from the soup.  In their day, you used every last bit of food, never wasting anything and who cared what the family liked…they ate it and they had no choice!  Shame on me, but no one here except me will eat the soup chicken so it mostly gets tossed.  I have made chicken salad before, but our boys won’t go near it.  If anyone has a great recipe to use up soup chicken, I would love to give it a try.Meanwhile, over the last few days, my boxes of fabric strips have been working their magic as I sew them into crisp 10.5″ blocks.  Some blocks are multi colored but others are all blues or all greens. How wonderful that this month’s Covered In Love block request is for string blocks because right now, especially today, I needed an easy, no measuring, mindless creative endeavor.  My first experience with making these blocks was last year and they are addicting, to say the least.  You can’t stop once you see how every small strip when placed next to another scrap can create something fabulous.


I love seeing the pile of over thirty 10.5″ string blocks!

IMG_0704 (1)

Just 4 pink blocks here but there’s almost an entire quilt’s worth!

Last year was my first year making string blocks for CIL and I went crazy making an entire quilt in blue, purple and green strips.  This year it seems I’m back to that same place with 26 or so pink blocks already sewn.  I don’t know yet if this quilt will head to CIL or stay home as a bonus project.  Either way, as you can see above, I have plenty of multi-colored string blocks to donate.

Lest you think I’ve just been making string blocks, this past weekend I was fortunate enough to have a visit from a wonderful college friend.  I adore her but she moved to Israel after college and we never get enough time together.  She is also an art therapist, which is extra wonderful.   Being around another creative soul feels so phenomenal and if only we lived closer to one another, I know we would have a blast!  On Friday, we dug into my fabric stash to find hedgehogs and penguins.  I made two zippered pouches for her to take back home.  How lovely that was to visit with a dear friend.   I have felt a creative surge since her visit that was too short.  I will miss you Rachi, but next year it’s my turn to come visit you…I promise!




4 responses to “Chicken soup and string blocks

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  2. hmmm…. I am unsure what you mean by soup chicken? Do you take the meat off the bones and chop or shred it for the soup? Or do you pull it out after the soup is done?

    The string blocks are pretty – I haven’t made those in a long while and there are plenty of scraps to make many, I am sure!!


    • Yes, the chicken i’m referring to is the meat off the bones. I put some of it in my soup containers that go into the freezer, but so much is left. What do you do with boiled chicken that’s not in soup? I have one friend who sometimes takes it to make chicken pot pies, but what else is there? Do you make chicken soup? I hate wasting it each time I make soup. As for the string blocks, they are addictive. I”m sending off 18 of them for the charity Covered In Love but am keeping an entire pink quilt that I made as well!!


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