Big Bundle of Doll Quilts

I have been making doll quilts for several months now, but lately things slowed down due to work and family commitments.  If you read my blog, then you know about A Doll Like Me.  Bernie of has organized  a Share The Love doll quilt drive, and now many other quilters have also learned about Amy and her amazing dolls.  A tremendous thank you goes out Bernie! (I hope your ears are ringing.)   If you read her blog, you’ll see that this has exploded well beyond the few quilts she had hoped for.  I predict over 50 quilts will be made before this is done.  This has all inspired me into a sewing frenzy.  The results are in the mail today…a package with 5 doll quilts and the tiny sleeping bag to Amy for A Doll Like Me.  I already wrote about the doll sleeping bag and Denim & Sock Monkey quilt, so here are the other 4 quilts finishes in this batch.


Wonky Kites doll quilt


This Wonky Kites doll quilt, is from a pattern that has several different of names.  (See the box below for more information.) The best part about it is the use of those many leftover triangles pieces from connecting quilt binding strips. Utilizing “surplus” fabric is the ultimate in scrappiness.  What’s more scrappy than using up bits and pieces that you would otherwise have no use for?  After making the “kite”center of this quilt, I was stuck on how next to get it to completion.  Most creative people would agree that sometimes, you need to put a project away and give it fresh eyes a few days later.  In doing that, I saw things more clearly.  I went with a modern, boxy border that used up bits and pieces in cool colors. This quilt is one of my most favorite finishes because it is genuinely scrappy, with nothing planned in advance.  I love how it came together and am so happy to pass it along to A Doll Like Me.    It is ironic that the final scrappy green binding left me with more triangles, so I will just HAVE to make another one like this!

While I wasn’t able to discover the original source of this triangle scrappy pattern, I did find several wonderful tutorials to view.  You’ll see that it is called by different names.

  1. Em Kominsky, writing for the Moda Bakeshop, calls it Wonky Diamonds.
  2. Alex of Tea Ginny Designs calls it  Wonky Kites.
  3. Cath of Wombat quilts also refers to this as Wonky Kites.  (By the way, I also love checking her blog for fun paper pieced patterns.)
  4. A version of the pattern with white outline is called Kites In The Clouds by Film in the Fridge.
  5. Finally, the pattern is similar to  the concept of Chain of Diamonds from the well-loved and worthwhile book, No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  (You can see a moody version for something more subdued.

Thank goodness you can’t see this up close because my machine was giving me some grief in the quilting stage.  It won’t win any awards at a star quilt show, but I am thrilled with it.  I outlined each “kite” and wove that into a ripple design.  For the scrappy border, I went with a meandering boxy design to highlight the different rectangle and square shapes.


IMG_0825 (1)

Grape Jelly doll quilt


This Grape Jelly doll quilt is a classic half log cabin design that I tried to make more modern.  Traditional log cabins designs would usually have a red square to represent the hearth, or chimney of the cabin.  Even while trying to be modern, I wanted to keep the red as a nod to the past.  I used jewel colored scraps and realized later that this looks to be just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I made simple vertical curvy quilt lines, and while it worked, I just don’t really love the look.  Next time I would quilt the “logs” individually and not be so quick to finish.  The striped purple fabric for the binding is a gorgeous print that just reminds me of grape jelly, thus the name.  While I adore the concept of a stripe edge, I do think it’s a bit too busy for this finish.  This is where I can hear my hubby saying, “you’re really too critical of your work”.  I’m always going to be an artist who judges herself  “honestly” and that’s how I intend to improve and get better each time.  What I do really love though is the red backing fabric.  It’s Retro 30’s (31289) by Lucien, which is made in Japan, where some of the finest cotton fabrics are produced.  The Lucien print was heavily on sale, so of course, I bought it in 3 different colors.  You will certainly see it again and again, until I use up the final morsel.


The perfect Lucien print for a doll quilt backing.  The tiny boys and girls are playing in various ways by riding a tricycle, playing jacks, holding a ball or a balloon, riding a scooter and even reading a book!


Red Oak Tree Top doll quilt


This doll string quilt, that I’m calling Red Oak Tree Top, was fun to make for any of us who love stringy blocks.  I had a blast playing with various quilting stitches in the many “branches”.  The quilt used all scraps, and even has a bit of an Eye-Spy thing going on.  Too bad that I didn’t put that on the label, but this was a quick finish.  I do see my usual penguins, bunnies, boats, hats, monkeys, dogs, ladybugs, pencils, bananas and more.  I’ll have to tell Amy in a message that this one may have a little game along with it.  To make things extra whimsical, I try to put novelty prints in much of what I do for kids and even adults.  No surprise that my scrap bins have lots of fun bits and pieces to select from.  With some fun quilting, the ease of string blocks, plus a scrappy red binding, this quilt was a nice little finished doll quilt.


An eye spy thing is going on here as I see my usual penguins, bunnies, boats, hats, dogs, ladybugs, pencils, bananas and more.



Rainbow Fence doll quilt


Rainbow Fence is my final finish for today.  This quilt also used up lots of tiny scraps from other projects.  I had so many of these little pieces that a design was needed to use them up efficiently.  The low-volume strips create steps for the little blocks of color in rainbow order.  I bordered this with one of my favorite blue prints.  It’s called Bunny Tales by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman.  Of course I would love anything that has the word bunny in it!   For some reason, I just love that this print that goes with just about everything.  I am always loath to cut it up, but it completed this scrappiness so nicely.  I actually forgot to take a photo of the back of this quilt, but i’m fairly sure that it’s that same red Lucien print, but in yellow-orange, on the backing.  It felt great to wash, box up and mail these quilts for some much-needed doll cuddling.

The day is almost over and I’m busy doing laundry between writing.  If only there had been time to sew today, I would have whipped up another little quilt.  I have a quilt in my head like the one (with the dog center) called Annie Blanket in the photo below.  That little blanket now belongs to a special boy and his doll, named Stuart.  There is a touching story that goes along with Stuart, but it’s not my place to share it here.  Suffice it to say, that with each doll blanket made, we share the love for some very special kids.

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9 responses to “Big Bundle of Doll Quilts

  1. Love all the beautiful, bright quilts. My favorite is the Wonky Kites. Red Oak is gorgeous though. Now, I am torn. Guess, I don’t HAVE to pick the best – I can love them all 🙂


    • Thanks so much. I am partial to the Wonky kites, even though it gave me the most quilting trouble. Yours are gorgeous as well and those backing fabrics! You made such perfect choices for those sweet fabrics that complete your little quilts so well. Amy is so overwhelmed with kindness and now the rest of the quilting world has discovered the fun of making these sweet little doll quilts!!


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  3. Another fantastic bundle of doll quilts Alana! You have such a nice touch with these! Please stop by the blog tomorrow or Monday and link up all of your doll quilt posts. Thanks so much for writing about A Doll Like Me — I am so happy to get to know both you and Amy!


    • Bernie, It’s so nice of you to visit my blog and leave such a lovely comment. I will gladly drop by your blog and add to your incredible, awesome doll quilt stash! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you as well. I cannot even believe the response that you have inspired!! Amy is overwhelmed with the outpouring and has been so humbled by this entire experience. As you know, I’m a huge fan of A Doll Like Me and this is such a blessing! THANK YOU so very much for spreading the love and creating such a fabulous charitable effort!!


    • My pleasure. I’ve been out of town so I”ll get back in gear and hopefully have something again next week.


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