Stuffed Creatures

I’ve been completely unable to blog lately and it has frustrated me.  So here I am getting in a small posting…because I HAVE TO!!  Between family obligations and holidays, there just hasn’t been enough time.  My personal creative time has mostly taken a back seat to working on projects with my students.  While I really love teaching sewing, I do miss having the luxury to create things for myself.  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been doing with my students.

My youngest students are 1st and 2nd graders and are adorable, funny and enthusiastic.  They are still somewhat intimidated by the sewing machines but with time, most kids usually lose that fear. With a healthy respect for the machine, they dove in to our next project.  For this assignment, they had to design a pattern and then sew their own stuffed character.  Here are the results!

This first project was made by a student who is completely obsessed with everything Pokemon (as demonstrated by the matching backpack.)  He loves posing for the camera, but without parental permission, I couldn’t show his face.  What you can see here is his Pikachu with pointy ears, although the tail is hiding behind.  For a young student who has difficulty concentrating, this was a huge accomplishment!

The other projects have descriptions written below.  These stuffed creatures required patience and several weeks to complete.   I am so proud of each of these kids!   They were proud of themselves and decided to set up a group pose that you’ll see in the bottom photo.



This puppy has golden ears and a silver collar.  The tail was stuffed with some microbeads before using fiberfil batting, thus giving it a nice and smooth shape.



The wolf below has little paws drawn on the front and a tail on the back.  The headband and collar were decorations that the artist was very excited to find and include!




This donut was a challenge to stuff,  but the ultimate prize was when this artist found the floral trim to use as”icing”.



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