Tiny clothing & giveaway winner!

I’ve been enjoying some tiny sewing to start my week.  Yup, more doll clothes.  This time Amy (of A Doll Like Me) and I put our heads together and came up with a few outfits that are needed for her upcoming dolls.   I love a challenge and she needed a few specific items.  I have discovered some wonderful online tutorials for doll clothes patterns.  Many are great for using scraps, but others are awesome for showcasing favorite novelty fabrics that are too cute for words.  Not every pattern is an easy finish, as I learned with the next dress.

I made this little pink and black dress last night.  I love the combination of fabrics and the price of the dress pattern which I bought for on Etsy for only $2.49.  However, this particular pattern wasn’t wasn’t a good buy. Called Miss Pretty Perfect, this pattern was far from “perfect”!   Even with an online video to help show each step, I still had difficulty.  I emailed the designer/owner, to gave her some feedback  rather than review it directly on Etsy platform.  She was very receptive to my 3 or 4 suggestions, and even offered me a refund or a new free pattern.  I look forward to seeing any further patterns from her and maybe even being an informal tester.


Pink Black Houndstooth Party Dress, pattern used: Miss Pretty Perfect , “Intermediate” level needed.  Pattern needs corrections before I can recommend it to others.

The pink ribbons that you see on the bodice above are part of the pattern.  The neckline of the dress is extra wide to account for the cinching with the ribbon.  In hindsight, even without the pattern issues, I would prefer a dress style without those bulky bows in front.  I do admit that the finish looks very sweet.  The combination of the bright pink and black/white houndstooth is a classic color combo that I will use again elsewhere.


The back of this dress has velcro for ease of use.


Creamsicile Drawstring Dress.  I love the simple interplay between the polka dots and stripes.  18″ Doll Drawstring dress pattern can be found here.  Fabric ball pattern can be found here.  

Since I now have some specific measurements from the special handmade dolls, it seems clear that the 18″ AMG (American Girl doll) patterns will fit just fine.  This gave me the impetus to go ahead and make a few more drawstring dresses.  As you already know, I believe that each sundress should have a matching beach ball.  I’ve really been needing to use my imagination to think about sunshine and warmth, but today the sun did finally come out!!  Here are sundresses and toys just ready for summer doll looks.

IMG_0996 (2)

Panda bear fabric that is too gorgeous to photograph properly. You can’t see but they have little pink ears, thus the highlight color that I chose.


Farm animal dress and beachball.  Love the piggies, horses, lambs, roosters and more!

The outfit below is a pattern called Bloomer Buddies that is fabulous to work with.  It’s from Pixiefairie.com, where all great doll things can be found.  It’s only $4.99 and is listed as “Very Easy”.  If you know how to sew a little bit, this pattern with clear and detailed instructions will work for you.  The pattern can be made into shorts, capris, or little bloomers along with a top, tunic or dress.  You can make it with or without sleeves, and with or without ruffles on the pant hem bottoms.  In other words, this one is a winning pattern!!


Just so you know, it’s also available in three: 18″ dolls such as American Girl®, 14.5″ dolls such as WellieWishers™ and 16″ Disney Animators’ dolls.  I made the tunic and little shorts.  You can see the lining on the inside of the top, which will be exactly the same for the dress.  It’s not hard to make and thankfully, there are no real difficult steps.  If you’re a bit overwhelmed to start this, I recommend you make it without the sleeves for the first time.  That will eliminate one step and trust me, you’ll go back for more.  The back closure calls for velcro.  If you can only afford to purchase one pattern, this would be a good choice.   This little outfit uses a beloved Ann Kelle fabric line called “Girlfriends, Career Girl”.  I paired it with my favorite pink/orange polka dot called Spot from Kaffe Fassett.


Front of shorts…love those pockets!


Backside of shorts with such cute little square pockets.

Boys love dolls too, and A Doll Like Me often sends custom male dolls to special kids.  Here’s a little pair of pants with a dog fabric and black trim. The pattern above is called Roll-Up Capris and is just so cute!! The pattern only provides the pieces for the pants, and I had to try it.  I just love those little pockets and trust me, they are even functional too!  The pattern calls for a string tie on the front but I avoided using eyelets and went with a plain waistband.  This required a small adaptation on my part, but if you’re handy, you could do the same thing.  The pattern is listed as “Intermediate Level” and that would be my assessment as well.  You can eliminate the pockets when you make them, but please don’t because they are too cute!

Finally, a doll should have undergarments.  Here are a pair of briefs and some girlie underwear that I’ve made by cutting up old tshirts. The silver panties are from the same fabric used on the bodice of my recent princess dress, but otherwise, this all is repurposed fabric.  There’s a great free doll underwear pattern online that’s very helpful.   For the boys briefs, I adapted the pattern by slightly raising the waistline and adding stitching to the front.   I also went with a fun and colorful elastic,  but it’s a little thin and it rolls.  I now know what “non-roll” elastic is all about.   Sometimes you do get what you pay for, but the color is so fun, isn’t it?

IMG_1020 (1).jpg

Doll panties…from repurposed t-shirts and a scrap of silver fabric.


  Meanwhile, about that giveaway from last week…the winner is Ashley!! She will be getting a fabric ball made of primary colors!!  Thank you to everyone who visited and left comments.  

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18 responses to “Tiny clothing & giveaway winner!

  1. I’m excited to receive one of your beach balls! I think you have me convinced to try a matched set of the sun dress and ball for my youngest daughter. She LOVES to dress her babies and have accessories to go along with their outfits. I usually just quilt with simple, straight line sewing, but you are inspiring me to branch out and try something new with all these adorable clothes!


    • Ashley, go for it!! You won’t be sorry. I made more fabric balls with my students today (3-5th graders) and they had a blast playing with them!
      Then their little siblings came in and started crying that they wanted one too! One big sister in my class has to now make 3 more!!
      The little undies are fun for you to match to the little dress. If you have an old teeshirt that matches, it will be perfect. By the way, it’s also easy to make your daughter a matching drawstring dress. There are patterns online that are fairly close and they could be adorable together. If you don’t like the open neck and sleeve area for her, just add a tshirt underneath.
      I’m having fun and would love to see what you produce. Do you have a blog that I can follow?


      • I don’t have a blog, but I post most of what I make on Instagram under the name Alwaysapieceofme. I’m hoping to give the dress a try in the next couple weeks as her birthday is at the end of the month. I appreciate your inspiration and encouragement!


  2. Way too cute doll clothes. I can also recommend Sew Trendy Fashions and Accessories by Annie’s Sewing. Several different patterns for the AG size doll. Jacket, dresses, shorts, pjs. Well written directions. I copied the pattern pieces on tag stock so they work really well when I’m cutting out the pieces. And they hold up well. Here’s a link to my blog showing the book. For the most part patterns are well written. Enjoy your sewing. And thanks for making the little clothes for the kids who are getting those special dolls.


    • Bonnie, thank you so much for the tips. I have used patterns from a few different companies. I”ll have to check out the ones you mentioned. I need to do something with the pattern pieces but so far, i’m just using paper. I saw one person laminated them, but i’m not sure it’s worth all the trouble. We’ll see how often I use the same patterns and take it from there. I wasn’t able to see the link to your blog.


    • Nevermind…on your blog right now. Some of your quilts have such charm and are adorable. I just gave it a quick look but I will read more carefully when I have some time. I can see I will learn a lot from you!


  3. These are so amazing!! I kept thinking….that’s my favorite. Wait, maybe that one. Lol
    I love how you can adapt your skills to something like this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved every minute of making these. I keep wanting to find new fabric pairings. You will be the true judge when you try them on the dolls. Thank you for always inspiring me!!


  4. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday – I appreciate you. It’s so much fun to see what everyone else is working on. Good luck with your four goals for this week. I am plugging away on my long term project, Jane Stickle quilt. Judy

    สมัคร D2BET

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  5. Your doll clothes are beautiful. Thank you for the explanation about the patterns. I found that very helpful. I am a novice at doll clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikki, I’m glad it helped. You ought to try that little drawstring dress if you’re a beginner. It’s very easy and a nice project to get some experience. Thanks for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I know how we all have more projects in our head than we can possibly make. You will make it one day, and then won’t stop. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I just mailed the pkg of all these doll clothes. Now I wait to see how they fit A Doll Like Me.

      Liked by 1 person

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