String baby quilts!

Back on a recent blog post, I wrote about making a pink, green and purple string baby blanket for Jack’s Basket.  I had not heard of the organization before, but it spoke to me.


Baby quilt top that was donated to Jack’s Basket.

Kat had graciously offered to quilt the baby quilt top for me. Just as I had hoped, she worked her magic and even wrote about it in her most recent blog post.  Check it out and you’ll see the little baby who received the basket of goodies, along with my quilt.  It makes me so happy to see the recipient!!  Thank you so much again Kat for all that you do.

I’m in awe of this organization.  If you’ve never heard of Jack’s Basket, just google their site and you’ll be so moved by the story.  Their mission of giving welcome baskets to families of newborns with Down’s syndrome is an incredible way to help a child come into this world with understanding, acceptance and love.

With my box of strip scraps overflowing, and feeling inspired, I decided to make some more string blocks.  For my foundation, I cut up a very old fitted sheet, probably 35 years old, which is extremely thin and soft.  You know the kind of fitted sheet right, when it still looks fine, but the elastic no longer has stretch? This is the perfect thing to cut up into 11″ squares for strip quilting.  My final blocks are 10.5″ after trimming.  I like to make the foundation squares a little larger than needed so I can square them up perfectly after sewing.  I was able to make a pink set and a blue set that are just perfect for two more baby quilts.

The first “blue” baby quilt has sashing and  green cornerstones in the center.  It’s simple, straight forward, and I do like how it came out.  I tossed in a few red strips to keep the eye moving around.  I’m thinking I’ll add one more dark border to further unify the design and then it will be time for the final step of quilting.


Baby boy blanket in progress.  It measures 36″ square at this stage.



I love seeing some fun novelty prints in the mix like mars, giraffes, ducks, the Cheshire cat and more.

For this next quilt, I added the same thick, bright, pink fabric strip down the center of each block.  I love getting a secondary design using this technique.  It requires a little more planning and care when making strip blocks, but the results are worth it.  This quilt is still in progress.  I won’t sash this one, as it would take away from that wonderful circle and x design that you see forming.  I dug through the scrap bin to find some purples, lime greens and yellows to complete the design.  I can’t ever seem to stick to just plain pink!  Having a few pops of color helps make the design more fun.


I love the secondary design that you get using this method of one bold strip down the center of each block.  It also helps to unify all the different fabrics into one visually soothing design.


Some of my most favorite fabrics snuck in here like Tula Pink’s sleeping fox on the upper right (ok the face is kind of cut off, but I know he’s there).  I also love the bright yellow giraffes and pink flower strips.  I always like a little yellow mixed in with pink.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in my Welcome To My House Blog Hop giveawayThe winner of my Fall scrap giveaway was Danette.  congrats!  It’s already on the way to you.  For my next blog hop, I hope to do another giveaway, only this I’ll try using one of those online raffle sites.  My tech support, a.k.a. one of my kid’s, will hopefully get me squared away with that.  

Until then, happy sewing.  I’m in the midst of making lots of boy doll clothing.  I will share that and my  Covered In Love adult eye-spy blocks next time.

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6 responses to “String baby quilts!

    • Lynette, Thanks so much. I could honestly make tons more blocks with all the string scraps that I have. There’s just not enough time in the day!


    • thanks. I’m not so innovative but I do love making them. If I had all the time in the world, I would try some more modern variations…thanks for visiting.


  1. Roseanne, thank you so much I also love seeing the recipient. I was so grateful to Kat for paying close attention to their site. I do love that pink strip down the middle. I debated doing white but I’m liking color for baby quilts. I could make these all day cause they’re so fun but frankly, also great for using up my abundant strips!!


  2. I love both of your quilts and I am 100% sure they will be received quite joyfully. It is amazing the difference that pink strip makes – so totally different than the one with the purple strips, yet the same. I’ll check out both links you’ve provided. I love seeing the quilts in their final home – it makes my heart happy. ~smile~ Roseanne

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