“Mom, I need a pencil case”

On the night before my son left for a university overseas, he was furiously packing and getting more stressed as the evening wore on.  Making piles, folding clothes, even doing some last minute laundry was going slower than he wanted.  As it got past midnight, I knew to keep my distance and just let him work through the task.  However, when he showed his anxious face and started rummaging through my desk and the office supply closet, I had to ask.  “What are you looking for,” I said in my calmest voice possible.  “Mom, I need a pencil case to take with me.  I can’t find one.”  Well, imagine my delight when I offered to make him one and he said, “yes!”  We measured the pens and pencils that he needed to store and I quickly went to work.  I was secretly (ok not so secretly, as he knows I love to make pouches) so happy to make him something from me to take far away on his travels.

Here is the resulting pencil/pen case that may actually have been one of the last things he packed.  Fast forward update: I’m able to report that he’s getting settled and having a good time, despite some logistical issues.  He says he is happy and he sounds good.  What more could a Mom ask for?


My son’s new pencil case with sock monkeys playing soccer on the front.  I wanted something that would make him smile if you know him, he’s the soccer phenom in our house.  The bag has one extra zippered pocket because, why not?



Pencil cases aren’t all that I’ve been sewing.  While going through the news last week, I needed a keep-busy activity.  I began some scrappy middle string blocks. I love strip quilts but I wanted to try something a little different.  I found this trellis design and it’s now the beginning of a quilt.  I made 24 blocks, but more solid fabric is needed to enlarge it to a twin size.  Here is one helpful tutorial https://quiltville.com/stringx.shtml, but I confess to finding an superb video that was a huge help.  I can’t seem to locate the link but promise to keep looking.

This is one of my 24 scrappy 11″ trellis blocks.  The quilt has so many layout possibilities.  I played around with the blocks for awhile and enjoyed the many options.  My blocks trim finish at 11″ and the triangles are cut from 10.5″ squares.  I’ll show this quilt again when it’s closer to completion but you can see the progress thus far.


One string trellis 11″ block in progress.  Please ignore the fold lines.


Sorry for the horrible photo, but this is the layout that I’ve decided works best for me.

Finally, I have a small batch of doll clothes to show.  Check these all out and please note my favorites: the dinosaur and cowboy doll pajamas.  These are all on their way currently to A Doll Like Me, a mission, run by Amy, that makes dolls for children with limb differences. Check out her Facebook page and be prepared to be inspired and awed by her work.


Cargo shorts for a boy doll.  I never tire of those little key fobs on the waistband and yes, the pockets are real and function to actually hold things.


A doll flannel nightgown that I originally planned to make sort of festive with a green bow.   However, I remembered the love ribbon and it was the perfect finishing touch.


The bodice is lined with a sweet floral print with rose buds.


COWABUNGA!!  These are one of my favorite new boy pajamas.  I love these smiling cows.


Boy flannel long sleeved pajamas because it’s the fall season and dolls need to stay warm too!


I have had this dotted flannel fabric for awhile and it’s perfect for the sleeves and the lining.


My current most favorite of all the many loved boy doll pajamas….so far… are these dinosaur ones!!  While the front is great, check out the back photo below.



This T-rex looks like he wants to take a bite out of a brontosaurus-like guy.  I am thrilled with how the back ended up.  Trying to fussy cut this fabric wasn’t too easy, but I think it worked.

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19 responses to ““Mom, I need a pencil case”

    • Thanks Becca. I just spoke with him. He’s had 2 classes only and likes the professors very much. So far so good.


    • Thanks so much. It makes my heart sing to sew for my kids. It’s not very frequent, which makes it all the more special.


    • Thank you. The layout I ended with was not what I had intended, but after playing around with the blocks, this was “it”! It’s funny how a quilt sometimes makes it’s own decisions for you!!


    • Judy, thanks. I am one of those people that buys zippers online to keep on hand. Zipit on etsy has great bundle prices so I rarely need individual zippers anymore.


    • Thanks, I just made another little flannel nightgown with the reverse fabric from the red gingham one. I would love one for myself as it’s cold and breezy today.


  1. I’m amazed anybody could find the energy to sew a pencil case after midnight! The result is perfect. Your scrappy trellis quilt is a highly original way of using up scraps.


    • Sometimes I do my best sewing late at night. Being a night owl isn’t always good but it does come in handy. I also love this trellis idea and will definitely have to try another version of it.


    • Yes, busy, busy but sewing for my kiddo was therapy. I really miss him but am so happy that he’s finally doing what he set out to do…study overseas.


  2. What a lovely lot of pajamas! I am madly in love with your trellis quilt. So nice to have sewn something for your son he will use every day while he’s away.


    • Gale, Thanks so much. I also love that he will use it often. The dinosaur pj’s are even cuter in person. Last night I made a set of pj’s with lions that were cute too. They’re addictive!


  3. Good Morning! How cool that you could whip up a pencil case just like that, in a . Your scrappy trellis quilt is just fabulous, and what a great use of scraps!! Of course your doll clothes are so darn cute. I just adore those flannel pjs – so very cute! ~smile~ Roseanne


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