Quilt Drive & Batting Samples

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Some of my 10.5″ String blocks for the Hurricane Michael quilt drive.  I hope to make a few more and then off these will go to the address posted below.  Can you tell that I have an abundance of blue string scraps?  It’s actually so fun putting these together!!

12//3/18 UPDATE: There has been an amazing turn out of blocks and full quilts.  For more information, read this news article about the Hurricane Michael quilt drive.


Before I get to batting, I just want to talk briefly about the Hurricane Michael quilt drive.  Some of my in-progress string blocks are photographed above.  I wrote about the drive in my last blog post and some additional information is available.   Quilt donations are already arriving at the quilter’s church and they are joyfully completing and piling up finished quilts.  In coordination with locals from the stricken area, the drive will also include children-sized quilts and books.  Here is the updated information.  



Please help the ongoing quilt drive to provide comfort to the survivors of Hurricane Michael. They plan to give as many quilts as possible, and each child’s quilt will include a book.  They are collecting any of the following:

  • 10.5″ blocks:  String or Scrappy(Here’s an easy string block tutorialCut your foundations 11″ to start and after adding strips, trim down to 10.5″. )
  • Twin size or smaller quilts for children
  • Unquilted tops in twin or smaller sizes, (please send backings)
  • Batting, binding or clean fabric
  • Children’s books, (new or in great condition)

Send your blocks, quilts, books or materials to:

UMW Quilting Group- Hurricane Quilt Drive

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 

6610 Vaughn Road  

Montgomery, Alabama 36116

Thank you in advance for helping with the above hurricane quilt drive. 

When I began quilting as a teenager, there were only a few options for quilt batting (called wadding in other parts of the world).  At crafts stores, I would purchase polyester because it was inexpensive and pretty much all I could find.  Fast forward and there are so many different varieties and brands of batting that it’s confusing!  In recent years, I have tried a few different brands, preferring cotton options overall, yet I remained perplexed. I set out to solve my dilemma by researching various all cotton batting options.  

Important Note: This post is from my personal perspective and I have absolutely no relationship or financial arrangements with any of the companies mentioned.  

IMG_2259 (1)

The front cover of this substantial swatch pack of Quilters Dream batting.




The batting brand I have used the most has been Quilters Dream.  (Like me, did you just notice that they have no apostrophe in their name?   Live and learn! ) They make many different types of batting and all in various lofts, which I find completely and utterly overwhelming.  While the batting guide chart on their website is informative, if you’re a tactile gal like me, you need to see and feel the product up close, right? !  So duh, why not call and ask for samples?  I wrote to the Quilters Dream company and asked for their “swatch pack”.  Look above at the wonderful packet they sent me free of charge!  It’s a lovely bundle with ALL the different types of products, and each loft option clearly labeled.  I’m in love!  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  If you want to request your own “swatch pack”, call customer service at 1-888-268-8664 or email them at QuiltersDreamBatting@juno.com.



Fat Quarter Shop’s exclusive Happy Cloud batting swatch card.  

downloadWhen I make quilts for donation, I want them to be nice but the materials shouldn’t break the bank.   After using only pricey batting, I felt that I needed to try a less expensive brand.  Several months ago, when the exclusive and new Fat Quarter Shop Happy Cloud batting was unveiled, I saw the low prices and placed an order.  Since I loved the FQS store, I was certain that their product wouldn’t disappoint.  I ordered batting in both the 100% cotton “Simply Natural” and 50/50 “Cotton Blend.”   Well, sadly, it really DID disappointment!!  Both batting types were way too thin, almost falling apart as I unwrapped them.  I needed to double up with two layers of batting instead of just one, to get my preferred result.  There went any savings right down the drain!  I wasn’t happy and wrote them an honest and polite review.  While they didn’t post my review, they were nice nonetheless.   They sent a reply email and asked to speak over the phone.  They apologized, sent me a full refund, and offered me a free package of an alternative brand of batting.  I asked for Quilters Dream of course, and it arrived right away.

I was mighty impressed at the  excellent customer service at the Fat Quarter Shop.  In fact,  because they were so nice, it bugged me all the more that I didn’t like their product!   I kept seeing Happy Cloud batting being advertised at good prices, and was annoyed that it wasn’t up to par.   When it became the “notion of the month” for this October, I was further bugged.   Then I read a quilter raving about using the Happy Cloud 80/20 Silky Blend.  Dummy me I thought… I should ask for samples!  To be fair, when I first ordered, they had no batting samples available.  However, I now saw that for only $1.11, I could get a swatch card.  Yes, they charge for their samples, which is a surprise, but it’s nominal.  I was happy to get samples of the products, but sadly, I still didn’t like the feel of any options, except maybe for the wool variety.  While the wool looks intriguing, it’s not currently listed for sale so there goes that!  If you would like your own “swatch card, ” you’ll need to wait.  (As of this writing, they are showing the Happy Cloud “swatch card” out of stock, but on their website  you can complete a form to be notified when it becomes available.) 


The front cover of this lovely tri-fold packet of Hobbs batting samples.  


This trifolder has every product but the Tuscany Collection Supreme 100% unbleached cotton is my most favorite.  


In order to complete my batting research, I reached out to Hobbs for their samples as well.  (Again, no apostrophe in the name. What do ya know!)   Their packet even came with a lovely hand written note from “Wendy” in Customer Service.  Hobbs has many more varieties than I realized, including their unique black batting option.  The products are confusing with words like “premium” and “heirloom” in the names.  Being able to feel each sample is the only way for me to understand the differences.  After touching all the samples, I found my favorite in the “Tuscany Collection Supreme 100% unbleached cotton.”  It was exactly what I was looking for.   It’s soft, sturdy and more substantial than the other cotton products.  The Tuscany compares well to my Quilters Dream 100% cotton favorites in terms of quality and weight (see the chart below.)  I consider my research quite successful and recommend getting samples for your own purposes.   You can get your own Hobbs “trifolder” by calling Customer Service at 800-433-3357.  Maybe you’ll get a personal note as well.

Final summary: I prefer three products from the range of samplings.  The Hobbs Tuscany Collection Supreme 100% unbleached cotton, king-size only, is $$ on sale right now at Craftsy.  With such an amazing price, it’s worth grabbing some while it lasts!     

My winning Batting Samples: My favorite all-cotton options are listed here in order of thickness.  

  • Quilter’s Dream 100% Pure Cotton Batting “Select” 
  • Hobb’s Tuscany Collection Supreme 100% unbleached cotton $$ see above
  • Quilter’s Dream 100% Pure Cotton Batting “Deluxe”

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15 responses to “Quilt Drive & Batting Samples

    • Ann, Of course. Thank you so much for sending in blocks. They have been making numerous quilts and getting them to Florida for distribution. I JUST wrote an update on my page but also, feel free to reach out to my contact on the ground there. Her name is Sharon Cole Sewell. You can reach her on facebook or on her cell 334-324-0035. Tell her that we connected. Would you prefer if I have her reach out to you? Just let me know. My email is elanagoldberg5@gmail.com


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  2. Very interesting. I enjoy the Quilters Dream products but the price is higher than I want to pay especially since most of the quilts I make now are for charity. I’ve found a Pellon blend 80 cotton/20 poly that I like and use it a lot. Plus I was able to get a roll of it at a major quilt show for a reasonable price. I like a bit of the poly in batts because it helps keep the wrinkles at bay (a bit at least) and the final product doesn’t weigh a ton like the all cotton ones. I like the idea of getting batting samples to compare. Hum, I wonder if I have any hanging around the studio!


    • Bonnie, I get it also. Quilter’s dream is pricey so i’m going to keep my eye on specials. The cotton poly batting combos are usually great but I find they often beard, which makes me crazy. Get the samples and you can certainly learn more about the different varieties.


  3. I am so glad you did the review of the Fat Quarter Shop’s batting. I was tempted to buy some during their October notion of the month sale. You helped me avoid one more batting disaster to clog up the shelves in my sewing room. Thanks for the info on the quilt drive.


    • Kathleen, Exactly, which is why the samples are so helpful. If the wool ever comes back, I will order that one for sure. I keep hoping they will upgrade the product but until then, i’m out.


  4. Roseanne, Yes, get those samples!! You won’t be sorry. It has really helped me to organize all the options in front of me.


    • Tracy, it is all overwhelming with so many choices. We are lucky to have options but still, it is hard to know which one to choose. I promise to post more after trying my favorites in use and washing them.


  5. Thank you for your honest and unbiased review of these battings. I have not tried any of these brands, but I will certainly consider them the next time I need to stock up. I have about half of a 20-yard bolt of batting left so I won’t need any for a bit. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne, Of course, you must use what you have. I have used even batting that I didn’t like, sometimes doubling it as I mentioned in my post. I can’t throw it out but continue to search for better products. I hope to try wool one day and would still try the Happy Cloud one if it ever becomes available. I will continue to be honest, though we each have different views batting. I just figure if I’m going to the trouble of making a quilt, it should be the best it can be.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I would love to try wool one day as well. It is wonderful that they make a washable wool now – it must be so nice and warm yet lightweight. I think I have tried Hobbs once from Craftsy I think, but I could tell you which version. I think I will try to get their sample cards – that would be very helpful!! Thank you again for all your efforts to share this with us. ~smile~ Roseanne

        Liked by 1 person

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