Eye Spy charity quilting

In addition to making 35 string blocks for the Hurricane Michael quilt drive, I made a twin size quilt top.  The drive is described in more detail here but do check it out if you are able to help.  

I loved making all those blocks, but I also wanted to send a complete quilt top in as well. So I began playing around with lots of blue scraps to form large slabs or crumb blocks.  I loved the process of sewing, trimming and ironing these huge patches of fabric.  I was getting bored and and then wanted another color, so I added green.  I incorporated one white patch to bring in some much-needed light. I think I could have sewed slabs all into the night if it wasn’t already 2 in the morning at that point!  I used lots of fun novelty scraps and by the next day, it had morphed into an adult eye spy design.  Sorry for the meh photo, but my hubby had difficulty holding up this giant. 

I will be mailing this off to the Aldersgate church in Montgomery, Alabama.  They will quilt and finish it with binding and a label.  If I’m being honest, this quilt was mostly about playing around with fabric and using what you have on hand.  It’s not a stunning beauty and I’m ok with that.  Someone will stay warm beneath it and am helping others.  The fact that it’s an eye spy quilt adds to the subdued design.


I began this sewing endeavor by using different scraps to form large slabs or crumb blocks.  Using up some fun novelty scraps formed it into an adult eye spy quilt.


Hurricane Michael eye spy adult quilt.  This currently measures 75″ x 96″, so it should fit a twin bed after being quilted.

I recently sent along my monthly Covered in Love blocks, the theme being also eye spy blocks.   Yes, that’s probably what inspired my hurricane quilt above.  CIL is run by Kat of katandcatquilts.comThe blocks are made into comfort quilts for patients who pass away in the hospital.  I enjoyed making 16 blocks and would love to see the backgrounds in jewel colors one day.  It’s such a fun idea to have an eye spy quilt for adults, especially for the family members to have a conversation piece during such a trying time.   Kat continues to create amazing quilts with her team of talented long arm quilters.  I feel privileged to contribute in my small way to her angelic enterprise.  She just published this month’s new request and it’s for a flying geese block.  


My eye-spy adult blocks.  I love the ritz crackers enough to have used them twice.  So many of these prints are favorites, but those loving llamas are really fun!


All my blocks shown on the wooden gate.  

If you have time and interest, please help make quilt tops or string blocks for the Hurricane Michael quilt drive.  Their info can be found on my previous blog post.  If you have more questions, feel free to message me. 

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4 responses to “Eye Spy charity quilting

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The truth is that I love collecting novelty prints and therefore adore any kind of eye spy quilt!


  1. Good Morning! What wonderful quilting goodness you have shared for some worthy causes. I just shared info about the Hurricane Michael collection with a friend yesterday. I sure hope they are not feeling overwhelmed with all the donations we are sending their way. Happy Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne, They are working hard but so far, i’ve not heard of any complaints. One car load is on the way to florida. I think the best thing would be for them to be over run. In the past, other charities had that happen and they were able to set up other needy sites to donate. It’s all good.

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