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15162465971854925076brain-exploding-clipart.medRight now I have the luxury of sewing just for charity and fun.  My brain is filled with so many projects for wonderful and worthwhile organizations and endeavors.  If only we had more time in the day!  Already I’m trying to manage my week’s schedule including my annual mammogram, a sewing lesson with a possible job opportunity, finding a contractor for a house leak, and… oh yeah…my middle son’s 21st birthday dinner!  Like everyone, I have responsibilities beyond my hobby but oh, if I could just create things all day!

Covered In Love

I finally tackled this month’s Covered in Love block request. I love participating in Kat’s requests and feel so privileged to be a part of something so grand.  However, this recent block request, with multiple flying geese, really intimated me.  As it was getting towards the end of the month, I finally had to bite the bullet.   To my delight, I found that I really enjoyed making them!  Yes, flying geese are time intensive and look to be quite complicated, but they are so fun!  While some of my points aren’t perfect,  I was able to get a little more proficient with each goose.   I only made 4 blocks, but I love how they look.  Someday, I would love to make an entire scrappy quilt like this.

I truly can’t wait to see the stunning quilts that Kat and her team will pull together.  The lavender colors are soothing and so lovely.  If you don’t know about CIL, do check out Kat’s blog at  With help from people all over, she makes and donates comfort quilts to terminally ill people in the hospital.  It’s an awesome endeavor that brings such warmth at such a difficult time in the lives of families.   Selfishly, I also always learn something new, each and every time I make her blocks.  This round I was able to tackle something that I was afraid of, so thank you Kat.. for all you do, for everything!


I adore these flying geese blocks for Covered In Love.  An entire quilt of these will be breathtaking!


Close up you can see that I sometimes pieced fabric to be as scrappy as possible. 

A Doll Like Me

Since I love to sew tiny clothing, I also made some more boy doll pants.   I found a last remnant of the book-worm fabric and it was just enough for this little pair of slacks.  While they could be for a boy or girl doll, Amy, of A Doll Like Me, has received lots of orders for boy dolls lately.  Therefore, I skipped over making little dresses this time.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this Cargo pants pattern, is quite versatile and easy to make.  I am a little obsessed with those pockets and key fobs…but that’s ok.  I need to amuse myself too!

Another Hurricane Michael Quilt Drive Update

For those looking to still sew for charity, please keep in mind the Florida Panhandle Hurricane Michael Quilt Drive, which was started by several talented and generous quilters.  You may recall that the area was struck with a horrible hurricane in October.  The Aldersgate quilters, along with nearby quilting guilds, have made so many quilts, but more are still needed.  They prefer no more quilt blocks but rather quilt tops or entire quilt.


A car load of fleece blankets (Sharon bought out her local Joann’s).  These will be joined and tied for warm and soft coverings.

Any size works and will even take crocheted or fleece blanket donations.  You know the kind of fleece blanket that get tied at the ends without sewing?  Well, even those are welcome.  Here’s a video tutorial for an easy no-sew fleece blanket  just to make it as easy as possible.

In my last post, I shared a little string quilt that’s in progress for the Hurricane Michael drive.  I included a Half Square Triangle String Quilt tutorial in that post as well. The little quilt top is now larger, with an extra row and a double border.  I promise to show it just as soon there’s a sunny day for photographing.

For more information on the Hurricane Michael quilt drive, please reach out via email or mail completed tops, quilts, blankets and/or fabric donations to:

UMW Quilting Group, Hurricane Quilt Drive,

Aldersgate United Methodist Church,

6610 Vaughn Road,

Montgomery, Alabama 36116

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14 responses to “Charity Sewing Brain

    • Thank you Alycia. I love the quilts that you made your boys. At first I thought they were triplets, but perhaps not. I have 2 sets of twin boys plus one more. If only their mom could finish a quilt for them!!!


  1. Your beautiful purple geese feel like Easter and Spring time to me — like we’re skipping right over Christmas and the winter blahs! Sounds like you are very busy. We have a Christmas birthday to prepare for as well — my oldest son turns 18 the day after Christmas. Every year at this time is such a scramble to get everything done on time!


    • Rebecca, My twins just turned 21 yesterday so I know what you mean. Birthdays in December are rough! We try to make it special for them regardless. We went out to dinner last night but are celebrating at home this weekend. Yes, the purple does feel springy. I wonder if that’s why Kat chose it, so that when they’re complete, they’ll be right on schedule!! Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your holidays.


  2. Very lovely purples indeed! You and I are on the same road right now, sewing for those in need. I’m hoping to get a few more tops done before the next trip to Paradise.


    • Susan, Yes, I feel like Sharon keeps lighting a fire beneath me with her photos of the destruction in the area. I really do have other things to do besides sewing but it’s hard to stop!! I’m so glad to know i’m in good company with you!!


    • Nancy, thank you. Yes, that’s a lot of flying geese and all the other blocks will be more flapping in the wind! I try to find causes that speak to me but the problem is that so many of them call me! That may be why I have quilts started for my kids but none are finished. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. Loved seeing your Flying Home blocks for CiL. I made 8 and they are in the mail. I had lots of trouble with this block. Color selection had me in a quandry and then my blocks were not square ( or rectangle) . You know what I mean! I was really disappointed in my results. Hopefully when added to all the others, they will work out!


    • Judy, I’m impressed that you made 8!! I also had a bit of a hard time deciding which colors were acceptable. In the end, I loved what I found and maybe that’s why I only did 4 as well. I also didn’t like how my blocks squared up. One was perfect and the others cut off the points. Oh well! I know Kat will make magic with all the blocks in the end and you won’t be able to tell, but yes, it was one of the harder blocks we’ve done. I do like a challenge though. I’m so glad you are also a CIL fan like me. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Good Morning! I agree with Karla – my goal for next year is to amp up my charity sewing. Just about everyone I know is covered with quilt love so it’s time to branch out that love a whole lot more. I hope you have a wonderful week. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne, You have a great heart and I’m sure you will churn out some wonderful donations. Lucky family to already have quilts galore! My kids all have ones in progress, but nobody’s able to cuddle with quilts just yet. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great holiday.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your flying geese blocks are lovely! I love the cargo pants! Thanks for sharing the link to CIL. I spent my first year of retirement making items for our home and the kids. My goal next year is to do more charity sewing! Thanks again!


    • Thanks so much. I am loving the geese but not sure I could make an entire quilt of them just yet. Great luck in your goal for more charity sewing and be sure to share the results with us.

      Liked by 1 person

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