Great Minds String Alike



I’ve been hearing about wool pressing mats and was very curious.  Since my ironing board was losing the padding, it was time to upgrade.  I took the plunge and got myself a “fancy” ironing mat and it really makes a difference.  I love it so far.  You can’t use steam with the wool mat, and that’s just fine.  Since using steam makes your iron rust more quickly, it’s a win-win!  If you want to check out these mats, here is the Precision Pressing pad that I purchased.  FYI, I’m not affiliated with them in anyway.   I know there are other manufacturer’s products available.  However, I read Amy Friend’s brief review on, and just ordered the one from Precision Quilting Tools that she mentioned.  I have heard other quilters complain that some other mats arrived with an awful odor, but I have had no problems of any kind with this new one.  I got the biggest because it’s replacing my ironing board, but a tiny one next to the sewing machine would be lovely too.

So my title of “great minds string alike” makes me smile, and here’s why.  You may have noticed that I’ve been using up lots of string scraps lately and then…. I learned that Moda’s, Cutting Table, is doing a string-along.  I’m ahead of crowd this time!  I’ve been in such a string block mode and now I’ve got company! The string-along seems to be just for fun without a final goal, which is fine for me.  If you don’t know what a string block is, or if you want to learn new tips, check out Moda’s string-block tutorial.  I plan to give most of my string creations to charity and at the rate I’m going, I might just be making them all year.  


Hurricane Michael HST String Quilt top- 54″ x 64″

Here above is the quilt top that I promised to share when it’s finally done.  This top will be donated to the Hurricane Michael quilt drive.   I originally made the top square, but decided to add an additional row before attaching the final borders.  Am I the only one that doesn’t love square quilts?  Quilts just seem to be more pleasing when rectangular.  You can see in the close up that the strings are lots of different colors.  The solid blue background helps to unify the entire design.  


Close up of the blocks and border.  You can see that the strings are any colors but the blue background helps to unify the entire design.

The top will be quilted by others, but I’m sending it with a ready-made, scrappy, orange binding and a golden-colored backing.  In case you are wondering, yes…the quilt drive is still going and their current focus is on completed tops and/or finished quilts.  Check my previous blog posts for lots more info if you need.  


Ten 10.5″ red string blocks in progress


The backs of the red string blocks.

I’ve also been making red string blocks that are trimmed to 10.5″ square.  Playing with this set has allowed me to  have a little fun.  I was in a red and orange mood when I began the first block, so that’s where I stayed.  It’s just crazy that in one bin of strings, I had enough of these colors to make so many blocks!  Mind you, they’re not exclusively only warm shades, and you can see how I sneak in a few other colors too.  My challenge is always to make the blocks without overthinking them.  I’m trying to “somewhat” add in other colors to make the blocks more interesting.  I tend not to love string quilts that are multi-colored free-for-alls, but I do love those that have concentrations of color.   These blocks may go to Covered In Love at some point, and in the meantime, I’m enjoying the process of some semi-mindless sewing.  


Here is what 9 blocks can look like pulled together.  The beauty in string blocks is there are any number of ways you can arrange them.  This an easy arrangement which creates a secondary square design.

Though I can’t show you yet, I’ve also been working on a little scrap quilt for the upcoming Black & White blog hop.  In a surprise move, the top is now done… way ahead of time.  Stay tuned for that coming up in January.  Meanwhile, Happy New Year to everyone and may it be a healthy, creative and positive 2019! 


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