Charitable Sewing during the Pandemic

A Doll Like Me dressed in a mask and scrubs.
How timely since today is National Nurses Day!

It’s been awhile since I last blogged but I need to be back in touch. In March of this year, when the world exploded with Covid-19, I came home from work with a fever. Given that I work at an Assisted Living facility, everyone assumed I had caught the Corona virus. I had to go into quarantine while the first test results came back after 12 long days. A second test only took about 5 days to come back. I’ll cut to the chase of a very involved story and tell you that my results were negative and I didn’t have Covid-19. With 23 straight days of running a fever, something was still wrong. It turns out that despite having 5 young men home in my house doing online college and graduate classes, me…the Mom caught Mono and a bad case of Strep. How did I get mono during a pandemic?? While the whole world was looking for Covid-19, no one thought to check for something else that was staring us in the face! It’s been a long few weeks and while still tired, I am much, much better.

This brings me to my sewing. I needed something creative to do while recovering my strength. If you know me, you know that I sew lots of things but I thrive while making things for other people. This recovery time has allowed me to return to making doll clothes for my friend Amy of A Doll Like Me. If you don’t know about Amy, please check her facebook page to learn about the incredible work she does making dolls for kids with limb differences and other medical issues. You can also read my previous blog post all about her dolls.

The photo you see at the top of this page shows the medical scrubs and mask that I made for Amy’s dolls. Thank you Amy for modeling them on an unfinished doll so we can see the perfect fit! If the world is wearing masks these days, why shouldn’t dolls as well!? Therefore, here are some more doll face masks that I made. It’s not all nursing scrubs and masks. Dolls need clothing even during these strange pandemic days.

Here are some of the many outfits I’ve been making and sending to Amy for her dolls.

I’ve made so many little pieces of clothing in the last few weeks that it’s hard to show everything. I have gone back to old patterns and used some of my whimsical and cheery novelty fabrics. I have my favorite fabrics like the red sock monkeys playing on skateboards or the pink and blue princess capris. Then I just couldn’t resist combining some blue and red polka dot fabrics into a little patriotic pair of pants. The little cargo shorts below with the sporty boys are perhaps my favorite yet with the red stitching. You see, they’re all cute but the best is when they’re on a doll going to some enchanted recipient.

I’ll be showing more charitable sewing in the future. Before I forget, if you are interested in sewing some doll clothing of your own. I use patterns for 18″ dolls since those best fit Amy’s custom made dolls. Most patterns are not expensive and the drawstring dress pattern is even free. For more information, see the information below.

9 responses to “Charitable Sewing during the Pandemic

  1. Good morning!!

    I am so glad to hear you are finally feeling better! What a horrible time you had. It was really nice to see your post and know you are getting back on track. 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Bernie Kringel Needle & Foot Ph: 530-210-3665 Shop – Instagram – Facebook

    Creativity takes courage. —Henri Matisse



    • Thank you Bernie, It has been a journey but so many have had much worse, I am grateful to be on this side of it all. Hope you are well and holding up in these extraordinary times.


    • Thanks, me too. I’m actually having so much fun sewing, I may be a bit sad to go back. Luckily I”m an art therapist and, most days, get to create at work with my population.


  2. I wondered where Amy got the beautiful clothes for her dolls. Good for you! I really don’t have any desire to make doll clothes, except for a few hospital gowns here and there. I did think about making masks, though! Glad you’re doing it. Your post has me so excited!


    • Full disclosure, Amy’s mom makes most of the clothing. I used to help her before I went back to working full time. If you see my stuff you’ll know my style if it shows up. She’s amazing and I have been a fan for a long time. I started making her doll blankets but morphed to clothing. I think she’s a rock star. The doll masks just came up this week. We talked and she thought they could be nice. Truly fun to make but darn those little seams and bouncy elastic !! Your post got me excited…so happy to meet you!!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by. Sometimes I’m lucky and even get to see the clothing on the actual dolls.


      • Fun, huh? Sometimes Amy shoots me a picture of one of her dolls with one of my quilts before she sends it off. It gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling!


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