The revised Memorial Day

Two patriotic masks for a few veterans to wear on Monday.

I wasn’t going to make masks, but here I am. I’ve now made about 20 and I’m not done. The ones above are to give them out to some very special people at my work. I work at an Assisted Living Facility and we have 3 residents and 2 staff members who are veterans. I’m sure they each had buddies who never made it back home. I can’t even imagine their experiences. Of course, I’ve made a flag mask for each of our veterans. While we can’t throw a barbecue buffet for our seniors this year, we do have a little car parade planned for them. I just knew the perfect thing for them to wear instead of a fabricated mask.

These bright headbands are going to my coworkers for us to wear during the parade. We will have balloons, streamers, signs and so on….but something patriotic to hold up our masks…done!

On Monday, my coworkers and I will be wearing these reversible headbands to show our colors. I found the easy headband pattern here. I made some more in pinks and blue so don’t stop me yet! Yes, I will be adding buttons to the headbands for those of us wanting to avoid ear fatigue from our masks. They are so cute as is, right!? (You know we plan to wear these again on the 4th of July.)

If you have a bandana or any red, white and blue fabric, go ahead and make a headband or mask. There are lots of patterns out there, but here’s the duckbill mask pattern I used. It’s from She offers many different styles and sizes, and she must be teeny-tiny, since the pattern seems to run small. To help you with sizing, figure that a very young child needs the Small or Medium, a teenager or petite adult needs a Large, an average-size adult needs the Extra Large, and a hefty adult needs the XXL or next size up. Just remember that the larger the coverage of the mask, the better the protection. I added iron-on interfacing to one of my mask layers for additional safety. I cut 3/4″ from the ends of the mask pattern and used elastic fasteners on the ones above. In other words, you ca adapt the closure style for your own preference. For example, I have been enjoying making masks with 1″ stretched strips of old t-shirts for straps that tie. You be the judge of what works best. If you prefer no elastic on your masks, look for instructions online.

On Monday, wear your red, white and blue clothing with pride (politics aside.) If you own a flag, hang it outside your home. Thank any veterans you know and honor those who are no longer with us. Keep social distancing and stay safe because the Corona-19 virus is still a reality and will be for some time. Stay away from crowds, wash your hands…yada yada yada. However, go ahead and light up the barbecue…as you’re munching away, please take a moment to recall those who helped to secure our freedom.

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4 responses to “The revised Memorial Day

    • Thank you. We had a lovely little parade that day. I also just love the red, white and blue colors. They scream summer to me. With everything going on, we need to embrace joy and gratitude where we can.


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