70 Lavender Sachets

Thank you Carol for another wonderful blog hop. The challenge was to make a heart project, only the heart couldn’t be red. I created 70 lavender sachets, several shaped as hearts, for my Assisted Living residents at work. Yup, you heard me right, that’s 70 altogether!! I’m only showing you a few, but each one is different and they’re all handmade. I intend to attach a little “friendship” note to each sachet for Galentine’s Day (see explanation below), but that step remains for my colleagues to assist me.

Sachets need not be filled with just lavender. There are many different spices and even medicines that can fill a sachet. Wondering about the word sachet, I researched a bit online. Sachet is a French word, and while historians debate where it first originated, it’s clear that the the use of a sachet goes way back in time.

In medieval Europe, a sachet worn on one's clothing was meant to ward off illness or parasites.  Called a "plague-bag," it was filled with sweet powders, aromatic calamus, cloves, and other fragrances from an herb or flower garden. Perhaps due to poor hygiene back in the day, Queen Isabella of Spain wore a sachet filled with items such as dried rose and carnation.  Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, was known for using a sachet to help induce sleep.  Sachet's are well known throughout Chinese history to ward off evil or bring good luck.  In today's China, sachets are popular in the province of Gansu.  They are filled with herbal medicine and and worn on clothing.  Children and adults wear it especially during the Dragon Boat Festival,  in hopes of increasing their intelligence, peace, and health.  
I wanted to make these scrappy to use up pieces in my stash. This created some interesting combinations.
You can see my hand sewn tiny whip stitches which close up the holes.
Because I had a stack of 2″ squares calling me, I also made these 9-patch sachets! I had a variety of colors to work with, since I had cut 2″ squares without thinking of this challenge. The sachet in the middle here was a UFO that I found in a pile. It also was turned into a sachet because, why not!?
My supervisor at work has decided that we're calling this year's Valentine's Day,  "Galentine's Day" instead, after Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler's creative character from the hit series Park's and Recreation.  Many of our residents are widows or widowers and Valentine's Day can be a sad time for them.  Therefore, we're making it more about friendship this year than about lovers.  If you're unfamiliar with "Park's and Rec," check out this video clip below.  The quirky show invented this February 13th holiday, (yes, the day before traditional Valentine's Day.) During these pandemic times, gals can't go out to a restaurant as seen in the show, but with creativity, you can still connect with your girlfriends.  Mail them a sachet for starters!!  (Full disclosure: I am including men in this gift of a sachet, but the original intent of Galentine's Day, as you'll see in the video clip below, was for gals only.) 
Play this video clip to learn more about the creation of this new holiday called Galentine’s Day.


Materials needed: fabric scraps, ribbon, polyfill batting, lavender seeds, a funnel and a needle & thread.

A) Hearts: I found this tutorial from Craftsewcreate.blogspot.com very helpful for the heart shape template and overall sewing process. I mostly followed her method but preferred to use a crumb-style approach to use up some of my fabric scraps. Once I had formed “new fabric” from scraps, I ironed and starched my piece flat and then cut it out using her heart template. I made the heart backsides all one solid piece as much as possible. After I sewed the sachet pieces together, leaving a hole of course, I then ironed it all again. There’s no right or wrong way to make one of these sachets so have fun, use your creativity and try something new if you are inclined.

B) Squares: These square sachets were too easy to pass up on. I had a jar filled with 2″ scrap squares and this was the perfect time to use them. I worked to pull together a 9-patch using interesting color schemes. I initially avoided red to follow the blog hop rules, though eventually I dipped into my reds as well. I was careful to nest my seams when sewing together the nine squares. The final piece gave me a 5.25″ nine patch, as seen below. Cut a fabric piece the same size for the backing. Follow the same method above to sew the sachet with a loop of ribbon and remember to backstitch the seam around the hole where you will fill the sachet. (For anyone who would like, here’s a tutorial for a 9-patch block. You can use any measurements, but mine were from nine 2″ squares that finished as a 5.25″ block.)

I made two styles of sachets and for both, I filled them with a little fiberfill stuffing and then funneled in some sachet seed pods (you can make your own funnel with rolled paper.) I repeated this process so that the pods would be distributed all over the inside of the sachet. This way, my sachet feels like a pillow and isn’t filled only with lavender seeds. Finally, I stuffed a bit extra fiberfill to plug the whole and keep the lavender seeds from spilling out. Finally, I hand-sewed the hole closed using a tiny whip stitch.

The lavender seed order came with 3 bags like the one here. I haven’t even reached the bottom of the first bag and I’ve done 70 small sachets. So order less than you think!! One pound of lavender seeds or pods is more than enough for even 100 small sachets. Should you want some of my leftover lavender, let me know. We can work something out but honestly, it’s also easy to find online.

Here are just some of my favorite finishes.

So that’s my heart project, it’s pretty simple, except for the sheer volume that I took on! (I didn’t show you all 70 but suffice it to say, there are a lot of these.) I am loving the process, especially the hand sewing part. Plus, my whole house smells like lavender! Luckily, I’m stuffing them at work, so the mess from the seeds isn’t my issue at the house. However, if you do this at your residence, put a sheet or drop cloth down to catch the roaming seeds. Your house will smell amazing, even if you lose a pod or two.

Please check out the other HEARTS ON FIRE blog hop participants. This many talented folks should not be missed!! Leave a comment if you can because it’s always nice to feel the community support.

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57 responses to “70 Lavender Sachets

  1. Awesome project for your peeps to celebrate, and lavender is supposed to be calming and soothing. Fabulous way to use up lots of scraps and small blocks!


    • You’re right about the calming effects of lavender. It’s keeping me calm so that’s something else that helps too!


    • You’re right about the calming effects of lavender. It’s keeping me calm so that’s something else that helps too!


  2. What a wonder way to share the love on Galentines day. The joy it will bring so many is heartwarming! After reading about the word sachet, I think globally we all should have been wearing them last year for sure. What an amazing and inspiring post. Thank you so much for brightening all our days.


    • Joan, you’re so right!! Perhaps we should have been promoting the wearing of sachet’s all along!! It certainly couldn’t have made Covid any worse!!


  3. How sweet of you to share your heart sachets with your residents! I’m sure they appreciate your thoughtfulness! Thanks for sharing with us!


    • Thank you so much. I like giving to others even if it’s a lot of work. This year I feel the more love, the better.


    • Oh it does smell so good. I actually smell it even when I walk away into another room. It might be all in my mind, but I’ll never complain!


    • Thank you so much. I am loving the sewing, using up scraps and creating something from nothing. It’s my favorite thing to be in one of these hops!!


  4. What a lovely gift for your residents and a super way to use up scraps as well. Each is it’s own special design and sure to be loved.


    • Thanks. I love the variations. I didn’t even get to photograph the best ones since I found another bag just after I clicked send on this blog post. Oh well.


  5. These are fantastic and so sweet that you sew them for others. I love lavender and try to save some from my plants each year to fill pin cushions, along with emery sand.


    • I have a wimpy lavender plant in my front yard that’s not big at all. If only I could save my own, that would be incredible. You’re so lucky and yes, you must use those seeds. It’s a nice idea for a pin cushion also!


  6. Wow, that’s a lot of hearts! What a lovely gift for your residents. I do like the idea of my house smelling like lavender–one of my favorite scents!


    • They’re not all hearts but many of them are that shape. Making crumb pieces and then shaping them into hearts is a blast! I like the square ones too only because I’ve had a pile of 2″ squares cut for quite a long time. I knew they would come in handy some day.


  7. Love your hearts as well as the love that fills them. So thoughtful. Then I love the mini history lesson. And people think we only talk quilts here. HA

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. I’m grateful that you liked the mini lesson because I never know if I’m the only wacky one. I get so curious and now I can share that in a blog hop. Like you said, “and people think we only talk quilts!”


  8. What a neat idea! The residents will love these–and you get to use up scraps as a bonus! I have sew many scraps to use–now you have given me a great idea! Thanks for sharing your hearts (and squares)!


    • Carol, they are a blast to make. I think they could easily be bigger also, but I was figuring a smaller size to stick in a drawer. I should have mentioned that after a time, squeezing the sachet will revive the smell.


  9. Oh my goodness, Elana, those hearts are amazing and not just because you made 70 of them. They are really beautiful! I’m sure the residents will be thrilled to receive their own little sachet of love. Such a great and loving idea! Thank you so much for sharing your hearts and inspiring us with a way to show some love to others. xo


    • You’re so sweet. Thank you for the lovely comments. I hope they will be well-received. I promise to update the post when they are passed out.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I so wish that we were neighbors! I would love to learn from you and be with your positive loving creative energy! Sending love to you and the fam. Give Ray a hug from me!

    On Mon, Jan 18, 2021, 4:26 AM That Fabric Feeling wrote:

    > thatfabricfeelingcom posted: ” https://www.justletmequilt.com/ Thank you > Carol for another wonderful blog hop. The challenge was to make a heart > project, only the heart couldn’t be red. I created 70 lavender sachets, > several shaped as hearts, for my Assisted Living residents at” >


    • Hi Rachi…hope all’s well with you. I really, really wish we lived near one another. I want to come visit again, just as soon as this pandemic business eases up. Sending love to you too…XOXOX


  11. Now THAT is a heart on fire! With love for your residents. If I ever need a home, I want to go to yours. What a wonderfully sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do. 70 is above any normal expectation of compassion.


  12. Thank you. I’m a little crazy this way making projects for the residents. Last year I made Vincent Van Gogh zippered totes and crossbody bags for van gogh’s march 29th birthday. Of course I didn’t even remember to take photos! Galentine’s day is a great addition to a fun month!! Hope you have a lovely one if you pull it together!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. What a lovely thoughtful gift to make for all of your residents. Thank you for the great tutorial. I do like “Galentine’s Day”. I just might have to use it and invite some gal pals to a Zoom luncheon party. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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