Quilters are the Best!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my young friend, Maggie, in my post for the Show Your Stripes blog hop. I mentioned that 12-year-old Maggie is working on a charitable project to bring 180 zippered bags (filled with supplies) to a school in South Africa. I also noted that she would gladly accept donated zippered bags.

Ta-dah!!! Along comes Nikki, a generous, lovely quilter who sent 6 wonderful, quilted, zippered bags (and some pencils) for Maggie to include in her project. Nikki’s bags are each quilted and then lined, making them sturdy and “fluffy” to hold. The additional ribbon on the zipper pull gives them a nice, finished touch. These donated bags are fabulous and fun. What a wonderful way to use up scraps and give to others!!

Bag Fronts: The dogs are great in both prints. I love the eye spy fun fabrics with clovers and a fabric with baseball bats, bicycles, fishing lines and more boyish stuff.
Back of Bags: These scrappy bags have such fun fabrics in them. I love the horses, the vintage-looking spaceships, roses, butterflies and of course….soccer!! In South Africa, they will call those footballs but whatever you call them, it’s a universally-loved sport!!
We all love a lined bag and these inside prints work well with the busier outside fabrics.

These bags are made from one single fabric for both front and back. They are sturdy and bright school supply bags.
Here are the insides of the bags. Nicely done Nikky!!
In a final gesture, Nikki sent these pencils for the bags as well. The family of the student must pay tuition and there’s not much left for extras. These supplies will be well-used, no doubt!

Nikki, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have shown your creativity and kindness by sending these to Maggie for her project. The bags are currently in her hands and will be filled and sent to South Africa real soon.

5 responses to “Quilters are the Best!!

    • Preeti, Maggie has said that she doesn’t need more pouches at the moment. Thank you for asking. I would love to find a more local organization that would like them as well. I’ll do some digging and let you know if anything comes up.


    • Bernie, you are so right! I know you are well versed in the generosity of quilters. Hope all is well by you. Sending warm wishes for a healthy spring!!

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