Tea Time Returns!

Today is my day for the In the Kitchen stitchin’ blog hop sponsored by Createinthesticks.com. Thank you Carla for the inspiration to create and share. This hop required us to interpret making something for a kitchen. I made a tea time table runner.

Here’s a snapshot of the runner I made for our memory unit at work.

I created a special table runner for the memory unit in honor of the first tea social coming back from the height of the pandemic. What began as a quickie scrap project, morphed into a paper piecing extravaganza. I downloaded the patterns for the teapot, cups and cupcake on this site: ipatchandquilt.com. All the patterns together only cost $4, which was so affordable! The teapot showcases my favorite Kaffe Fassett “spot” fabric in magenta. I intentionally used scraps to keep the project more interesting. My colleague, who loves all things tea, was the inspiration for my color choices.

Do you see the open flower in this teapot? This blooming tea is from Harney & Sons. It is mild tasting and is named “Seven Sons Congratulating,” though they sell several others on their site too.

Table runners are all ubiquitious in model showrooms and on blogs, but is there are standard size? I looked for more information on table runners and wasn’t disappointed. Here is an interesting article if you’re curious to read more. Having the runner long enough to hang over the ends of the table is apparently the decorating goal. Who knew!? I’m going to be a rebel and go with a smaller runner for only the center of the table. Before washing and shrinking, the runner measured 15″ x 77 inches long, which is still plenty long.

The runner isn’t exactly straight, and the binding isn’t on here yet. I’m keeping it wonky to represent the year that we’ve had.
Close up of the paper-pieced cupcake and tea set.
I wanted to make many more floral teacups but time was catching up with me. I love the way these look and the pattern was easy to follow.

This is the tea set we see in my Mom’s kitchen on special occasions. She has been collecting Royal Albert Petit Point pieces for years.

The ends of the runner are made in a herringbone design. This simple herringbone runner tutorial from leighlaurelstudios.com was my guide. While mine is scrappy, she makes her runner using a single fall-themed fabric line. I incorporated the same blue fabric from the teapot background into the herringbone to keep everything unified. While the actual tutorial ends with a flat side, I have mine with a pointed end.

I have fabric with macaroons, stars, flowers, tiny white dogs and it all blends well with the tea set.
I tossed in a strip of pink bunnies, because they make me smile. I also love the gingham cherry and strawberry strip and the pink daisy fabric strip.

I used fusible batting for this runner and it makes the project a little more stiff. If you make a herringbone runner, I would suggest doing it as a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) project. It wasn’t my goal for this project, but would be if I do one again.

BUMMER!!! My Babylock Crescendo sewing machine broke as I was sewing on the binding. My repair shop recently went out of business so now I need to research a new place. Wish me luck!

To view what was stitchin’ in the kitchen all week long, click here. Check out the other participants and please leave comments for as many blogs as possible. We all love the feedback.

Thursday, April 22nd

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51 responses to “Tea Time Returns!

  1. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely gorgeous. What a way to brighten up your unit. I don’t think there is really any particular size that runners need to be. Mine are all different sizes. Hope you find a repair shop. It gets harder and harder around here.


    • Joan, You’re so right about repair shops. I drove out of state for 25 minutes to one that seems lovely. It will be fine…just hope they stay in business.


  2. Wonderful and fun table runner. 77 inches? yikes… that is way too long for my table. I keep my around 36″ long as most of the time my table is used with out leaves. And if the leaves are in the grands are coming and I don’t generally use a runner when lots of people are around. (what? I don’t want them to get dirty.)


    • I hear you. They used the runner once at work and now are getting it cleaned. It doesn’t need to be done so often, but it’s a gift and is now out of my hands. I can always make another one, right!? 77 inches is because the dining table in that room is enormous. Think of those tables in fancy conference board rooms, you get the picture. Even at 77 inches there was plenty of empty space at either end. When the grands come, oh the fun you must have!


  3. This is a wonderful runner Elana! Those pp blocks are FABulous, as is that open flower in the teapot – those used to be the rage a few years back (now it’s hot chocolate bombs), must find some again. Esther designs some wonderful patterns. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


    • Thank you for hosting and replying. I do love those paper pieced patterns by Esther. I had so many that caught my eye. I know hot cocoa bombs are the bomb right now!! LOL Our residents are older, less inclined to know about fads and truly they love teas. I think it harks back to when they were younger. We have only one or two that ask for coffee, and that’s no problem. I would love to have more runners for other occasions but it’s enough for now. Thanks again for commenting here. Fad or not, I still want to try a hot cocoa bomb!


  4. Love tea and all its beauty. The flowering tea always amazes me. The herringbone runner is perfect – and one of those things I do need to try someday. Why I haven’t is beyond me.


    • Kathleen, Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, that flowering tea is so cool. I thought it would be a strange taste but it was actually very mild and lovely. I have a bunch more and had never tried it. It took my colleague’s tea for me to bring one in to test. The herringbone pattern really is the perfect runner and I agree, why haven’t I also done it before??


  5. Tea Time is perfect for the Kitchen hop. Love the runner and all the details you put into it. Thank you for a great post in the Kitchen Stitchin’ blog hop. Love it.


    • Thank you Selina. They had a great time with the tea experience. I was happy to support the efforts of my colleague. Next time, maybe we will try a different flavored tea in the pot, but that flower sure was a hit!


  6. That’s a wonderful teatime table runner. I will admit, though, that the Royal Albert Petit Point photo was outstanding. Tell your mom that the tea set is ‘outstanding’, too.


    • I will tell her or she’ll see this. The Petit Point set is one of her favorite things. She has plates, coffee mugs, tea cups and so much more. I have always loved it so much. It’s probably the most girly thing I can think of from my childhood.


  7. Thanks Carol. I’m on the hunt and narrowing in on a repair place to take the machine. I enjoy tea also and keep thinking about finding some new ones to try.


  8. What a pretty runner, and perfect for a tea party! I hope that you’ll have good luck finding someone to get your machine running again soon. Such a bummer to be without it.


    • Yeah, it’s so difficult to part with our babies!! I brought my spare machine home from work. The residents just won’t be able to sew on it now that it had to serve its original purpose.


  9. Your runner is too cute! Such a bummer about your machine…such a pain. Best of luck finding a new repairman. Perhaps some friend could suggest a local repairperson?


    • Thanks so much. I have found a repair place but need to call them before hopping in the car. They got excellent reviews and that means I might be willing to part with my “baby”.


  10. Good morning! Great idea and one that I am definitely going to borrow. A coworker is a huge tea lover plus she collects tea pots and teacups. I’ve been meaning to make her a quilt featuring her loves but it would be so much quicker and probably more useful to have a table runner. Yours is so cute – I love the idea of a paper piecing extravaganza! ~smile~ Roseanne


  11. This is a beautiful runner and I love all the paper piecing designs in it. The herringbone pattern really adds to it…love it! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you so much. I’m pleased with it, but would like to make one in more grown up colors as well.


    • Thanks so much. The residents had a wonderful time. They felt embraced and almost like life as usual. With memory issues, it’s a day by day thing for so many in our population. I’m happy to report that the day of the tea was great!


  12. Now that’s a bright and cheery table runner. I always make my runners to fit on top of the table no draping here.


  13. I adore your table runner! What a fun tea party with the pretty cups. Good luck finding a new repair shop for your machine.


    • Thanks Cindy. I’ve found a shop online but have been meaning to call them all week. I love the cups also. There’s definitely another tea project in my future.


  14. What cute patterns for the tea cups, cupcakes and the tea pot! I definitely want to come for a tea party at your house! God luck with your machine repair. I’d feel so lost without mine. Especially in the middle of finishing a fun project like your runner.


    • I brought my spare machine home from work today. It’s not the same, but I can’t be without one apparently. I’ld gladly have you over for tea anytime!!


    • Thanks, it is such an adaptable design. I didn’t do it justice here but that wasn’t the goal either. I just wanted something scrappy for this application. Next one…it’s on!


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