The Finish Line

Several years ago I decided to begin trying a Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) project. I began in earnest and found lots of cheerful fabrics in my scrap and stash piles. I had bundles of enthusiasm and energy doing paper piecing, creating wonky log cabins and other goodies. Then the project began to drag. I had finished all the blocks, sewn and quilted each row but was down to the final stage of putting it all together. Having never done a QAYL before, I wasn’t sure of my technique. I jumped in feet first but eventually, the fun was gone and the stress increased. The quilt was meant for charity all along, but I just couldn’t get to the finish line.

Flash forward many years and I remembered this project was still unfinished. I knew it had to somehow get to Covered In Love. Covered in Love is run by Kat and she appreciates contributions from lots of quilters. She can spin any quilt into one that will be perfect for a family who is grieving. I sent the quilt sections along to Kat with a binding, just to contribute to the cause. (She sent me a note to tell me that the quilt was just about finished already, but I was done and now it was hers to take to the finish line. Voila…today on her blog, she posted photos of the completed quilt. It’s so much brighter than I remember and I really do love it!!

If you’re not familiar with Kat’s Covered In Love, please do check out her wonderful work on her blog.

The quilt is a bit of a mish-mash quilt with stars, hearts, log cabin blocks and even crumb blocks. The colors are happy with lots of yellow to add some shine. I honestly didn’t plan the design when the quilt began but rather just started making blocks and pulling them into rows. In the end, I think it came out cohesive and cheery. I’m glad for the experience, but Quilt-As-You-Go stressed me out more than it should have. Maybe I would be better at it today with more confidence in my skills. Thank you Kat…thank you for helping this quilt gain wings!

I haven’t abandoned sewing and here’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been making doll clothing for Amy of A Doll Like Me. I love making these tiny clothes for customized and unique dolls that will bring comfort for very deserving children, teens and adults.

I didn’t iron the little dresses before photographing them. How lazy of me!!! I was in a hurry to get these all in the mail to Amy and that kept me from spending the time to press everything. I hope she’ll forgive me. (I love lots of these finishes, and especially the fabric with the wording. It’s “Girl Power” and the phrases are a feminist’s dream!)

Tiny shorts. That eagle fabric on the bottom left is lovely, but it doesn’t show well in a tiny project. I think I’ll put it aside for something different next time. I do love the guitars and solar system. Dolls deserve fun novelty prints like the green snake fabric.

I love the yellow bull terrier fabric, the sneakers fabric and even the butterflies with caterpillars on the ruffled trim. These should make some girl very happy.

There are more clothes and doll quilts to show but that’s all for today. I’ve got to stop somewhere.

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9 responses to “The Finish Line

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  2. What a fantastic quilt! I love all the colours and patterns together! So glad you rescued it from the UFO closet and have now seen it finished and ready to be donated 🙂


    • Thank you so much. It definitely needed to get out of the UFO closet. I can’t thank Kat enough for completing it and sending it to be used.


  3. Your quilt is bright and colourful. The doll clothes are adorable. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday.


    • Thank you for the lovely comments and for hosting TFIFF. You help keep this community rolling along.


  4. What an amazing, beautiful quilt to comfort a grieving family! And your tiny little doll shorts are super impressive, too. I especially love the ones in the guitar print!


    • Thank you so much. I honestly hated that quilt until Kat completed it. I forgot how cheerful and happy it was. I just couldn’t get past the QAYG finish and needed to send it on. Lesson learned…but no regrets.


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