Scrappy quilt blocks

I’ve talked about Covered in Love (CIL) before on my blog here and here and more times than I can mention. CIL is a charity run by a wonderful woman named Kat. Every two months she puts out a call for a particular quilt block and then (with some angelic volunteers) turns them into gorgeous quilts for people critical ill in the hospital. Kat is nurse who had a big dream that probably even surpassed her expectations. With her big heart and many volunteers, there have been over 800 quilts made and distributed thus far!!! Check out her blog to read more stories and details about the quilts. Kat has currently been working on a Covid unit in her hospital and we can only imagine her stress. We are all grateful to her and all the essential workers on the front lines of this pandemic!! I am writing this to encourage any of you sewers out there to maybe help make a block or two. Kat has explained that the hospitals are filled and quilts are more needed than ever. I promise you will feel wonderful helping this worthwhile organization.

So here are my CIL blocks for the annual July/August red, white and blue stars block drive.

Star blocks for CIL. This year I made one design only but tried to use up as many scraps as possible. I adore a little novelty print here and there. The U.S. State low volume print is fun, the red cowboy print is finally getting used up and of course, the galaxy blue print is fun too.
More star blocks with some fun novelty foxes, bears, boats and dogs.

The CIL star blocks ended in August, but this month’s September/October CIL block design is now posted. I’m not usually on time for these things, but I’ve already made 4 blocks for the current CIL request. This design chosen by Kat is welcoming in the upcoming Fall season with colors such as orange, brown, tan, red and yellow. You can already see just from this preview I’ve sewn, that these quilts will be stunning!

It’s only the first few days of September and I’ve already made 4 of the next CIL blocks. I truly love Fall colors and these will certainly make wonderful quilts.
I am loving these fall colors and can already smell the pumpkin spice!!.

Finally, in addition to sewing blocks, I’ve still been making bibs. Even after mailing two packages of bibs to Jack’s Basket, I still had several leftover. I contacted a local New Jersey charity, Center for Family Services, that supports many community efforts including helping young mothers with newborns. In an email exchange, CFS said they would love about 10 bibs, but I’m mailing more than that. I like people to have choices of size and color. There are two styles of bibs, plus one larger one in case some baby is a heftier size. (Babies come in all sizes and I just want there to be something for everyone.)

Bibs being donated for the N. J. Center for Family Services. There are plenty of options for each mom to pick a special one for her baby..

So that’s it for my week. Sewing for charity uses up scraps and keeps me out of trouble, mostly! LOL. If you live in a different state and like sewing for charity, I encourage you to email a few organizations with offers. You just never know who will welcome the help. It must be wonderful to be offered any help right now with many jobs still feeling stressful and in flux between home and the office. Anyways, that’s my tip for the day…reach out and touch someone who may just need your special sewing skills!!

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12 responses to “Scrappy quilt blocks

    • Yes, this month’s block goes together very fast. My biggest problem is finding the colors in my stash. I really have very little orange left…time to buy more I guess!! LOL


    • Melanie, I hope you do see the link. It’s a lot of fun doing the blocks and feeling like you’ve contributed to something wonderful.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this post and you and your message. KAT!! Imagine 800 quilts!! I love her and her mission, too. Making bibs – brilliant. I need to step up my charity efforts. One charity I love is A Doll Like Me – they need doll-size quilts, which makes an excellent use of scraps and trying new quilting motifs (or just practicing older ones that you think you’re rusty on). Thanks so much for sharing all the links. I need to see what Kat is asking for September/October. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne I help amy at A Doll Like Me too. She’s the best!! I sent her a package about a week ago. So much love in her dolls- I would sew for her everyday if I didn’t work! Meanwhile,bibs are a great way to use up scraps

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