Falling for zippered pouches

Falling into a new season is the theme for this blog hop. Thank you to Joan for organizing another wonderful blog hop. Can’t we just smell the pumpkin spice by the end of summer!?

While I do love all things fall, it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to a summer that flew by too quickly. I rarely have time for a full quilt, but pouches I can do.

In the mood for a fall colored pouch, I went searching for some dresden information. I learned that it’s possible to make your own template by downloading this free page of 3 dresden patterns. (I chose the middle one with a 20-wedge dresden and made a sturdy 4″ template, then cut my wedge pieces from scrap fabrics.) Here’s another link for the dresden middle circle template. These links plus scrap fabric and you’ve got yourself set!

The middle dresden template required 20 wedges for a full round dresden. For a half dresden, I went with 11 wedges to allow for excess. Check out the link above to get a copy of this free page for yourself.

I looked for fall colors among my scraps and this is the result.

My half-dresden fall pouch from the front side.
The back of the dresden pouch. You really can’t tell the difference between the front and the back, can you?

Dresden’s are fun and I plan to make a few others. Meanwhile, in an effort to use up lots of scraps and try out ideas, here are some other scrappy pouches. Each side of the pouch measured 7 3/4″ x 10.5″ before sewn together. I boxed the corners at 2″ to make the bags have a little more shape. Each one is different and will hopefully have a little note card inserted before being donated to the charity mentioned below.

I used up scraps trying out some symmetrical and random designs. I love these fall colors but I have other colored scraps calling me as well. I like these other pouches too, even if they aren’t fall colored. I believe a variety of colors allows for more people to find their favorites. These are all eventually going to The Center for Family Services, a shelter in New Jersey for moms and newborn babies. It’s the same organization where I mailed bibs recently. I made these as a holiday gift for each of the mom’s. I know there are several months until December, but I want to take my time and play with ideas without a rush. I’ll add a few extra pouches for the staff to keep as well. It’s fun to give to others and everyone needs a lift these days.

I mentioned that it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to summer. Here are the remnants of our garden. The cucumbers and tomatoes were wildly successful. Herbs were off the charts with growth but the peppers dragged and the zucchini never took off.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects. Please visit the other bloggers for their creative talents and inspiration.

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49 responses to “Falling for zippered pouches

    • Thanks, I’m waiting to hear back from the organization to confirm the pouches, but I made some of them already anyways. I will donate them to my local shelter if this place doesn’t want them. I am very focused on charitable sewing lately. I’m not sure why, but that’s what is inspiring me lately.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I borrow ideas from elsewhere so I can’t take all the credit. I am loving trying out different pouch styles. This one was perfect for using up more scraps.


    • Thank you for hosting and leaving a lovely comment. I love making pouches and can’t keep them all so …charities are my thing. I am always on the look out for places that want charitable sewing.


  1. Your zippered pouches are wonderful. I think the dresden plate one is my favorite. Fall is a busy time for the garden…lots to put up, soil to be prepared for spring, even picking the last of the produce is time consuming.


    • Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. It’s a bummer but the garden has slowed down and things are looking tired. The last cucumbers and tomatoes may be this week or perhaps next week. It’s exciting to see the results from all our hard work but sad that I’ll have to start buying tomatoes or cucumbers again.


    • The garden has been a wonderful success, for the most part. Next year I’m determined to get zucchini to work. We used to grow them the size of baseball bats but not this time. Thank you for stopping by.


    • Thank you. Since learning how to do zippers, I’ve become a little obsessed with making pouches. I find them fun and so practical. However, dresdens are a new skill for me. I really like playing with all the scraps so I’m sure there’s another dresden pouch coming up soon.


  2. You are the queen of awesome pouches. I love the Dresden fan! What a great gift to new moms. Nice garden! I love your little fence. With all the bunnies here, I need to look into something like that myself.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I think every new mom can appreciate a gift but a pouch, well, who doesn’t have lots of stuff to stash in the diaper bag!? the little fence was just tall enough to keep our dog out and if bunnies showed up, I never knew. There are some tiny caterpillar’s working through the leaves right now but as it’s the end of the season, we’re letting the munch away.


  3. Such a pretty fall dresden pouch. My, you have been busy with all these beautiful pouches, and bless you for your charity work.


    • Thank you. I am making the pouches little by little so I’ll have them all done maybe by November. I can play around with designs and not stress a deadline.


  4. Those are such bright and cheerful pouches. As a bag lady myself, I love making all kinds of bags and using up scraps in the process is a great way to make pouches. Nicely done.


    • Daryl, you and me both…bag ladies rock!! I also love making bags but what to do with all of them? That’s always the issue so donating is the way to go.


    • Thank you so much. I just went to pick some stuff from the garden and there were only 2 largish cucumbers and very few tomatoes. I think the garden is breathing the last few sighs as it winds down.


  5. All of your pouches are beautiful and certainly will be appreciated! Your dresden pouch is outstanding! Thanks for sharing your post and for giving of yourself to others.


    • Julia, My boys set up the raised garden as a gift to me. We hope to improve on it next year with a drop more soil. I honestly think that the “kids” had more fun with the garden than I did. While around the house for Covid, at least they had something productive to plan and execute.


    • Thank you so much for both compliments. I just went outside to pick more cherry tomatoes and sadly, there were very few. I think it’s almost done for the season, but what a bummer because there are still so many green ones.


  6. I “fall” for Dresdens…just adore them. But you are ever so clever to work them into that beautiful bag. Wonderful work.


    • I love dresdens too but have never been able to find the patience for an entire quilt of them. However, pouches I can do!! Thanks so much for stopping by.


    • Go for it!! Pouches should be projects where we can test out ideas, play with fun fabrics and take some risks. I find the results are always interesting when I go off in my own creative way. I would love to see any that you come up with. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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