Polar Bears Are So Cool!

Thank you to CalicoJoan of MooseStashQuilting for hosting this fun blog hop. Our mission was to make something blue, or with a bear, or with polar fleece. I hope that I got that all correct, because I made a doll blanket with a polar bear. I’ve always thought that polar bears are cool! It’s been a long time since I made a tiny blanket and this was so incredibly fun, despite it taking me awhile. (Oh, and a pair of tiny doll shorts to match.)

My polar quilted bear doll blanket. It measures 26″ x 28″ before washing.

I found the polar bear paper pieced pattern on Etsy and at $3.25, it was perfect!! The pattern was so fun and it finished at a hefty 13.5″, which was the perfect center for my doll quilt. Check out the other patterns by PatternsByShaley and you’ll find many adorable animals. Her patterns are wonderful, but not for someone just beginning to try paper piecing. I spent several hours on just the nose part, only to toss it and start over when the pieces came out crooked. I was very happy when the 13.5″ pattern was completed and the bear finally had a proper smile.

I don’t have a quilting machine and haven’t had great success so far with free motion quilting, but this time I tried something different. I quilted this on my Baby Lock Crescendo, using just straight stitching. Horizontal lines for the bear himself, vertical lines for the blue background and some x’s for the blocks all around. I love how it came out. Nope, I didn’t use a walking foot because they actually seem too bulky to me. I also didn’t wear my quilter’s gloves, since the quilt is tiny and easily managed. I just sat down and went for it, without a real plan. I am not the planner type, and for a doll quilt I can get away with just winging it. Here below is the blanket before it was quilted. You can see the bear is really white here, not the winter-white that you see later on.

My bear blanket before quilting. Lighting isn’t my specialty but you get to see the actual color of the bear…he’s very white.


Hi there bear!
This close up makes the bear look like it’s winter-white, but he’s actually white throughout. I took this photo at work and the lighting was weird, there are loose threads and all, but at least I’m on time for my post!

The blanket feels so small to me, but it’s for a doll that’s only 18″ tall, so I know this will work. I tend to make everything extra sized and that’s not necessary. Of course, the blanket is going to Amy of A Doll Like Me. We decided that this blanket needed some clothing to go with it, so check out these tiny cargo shorts made with the last of my polar bear fabric. I adapt many patterns and this one now has real working pockets because fake pockets annoy me, even for dolls!

Here are the tiny doll cargo shorts to match the blanket. You can easily see the background fabric that I used. It’s an old favorite print from Joel Dewberry called Abacus from his True Colors line. I almost used up the last of it. It came in pink and blue and who knows what else, but was the perfect blend fabric that I love using for back grounds.

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58 responses to “Polar Bears Are So Cool!

  1. Polar bears are indeed very cool. I am sure that is why Coca Cola used them for their ads 🙂 Although the polar bears in quilts are even cooler and cuter 🙂


    • Thanks so much. I can’t make any of these tiny clothes and not smile!! It’s all so cute. Can you tell that I miss having babies??


    • Thanks Sharon. I finally washed it, despite being nervous. Soon I’ll ship it off with some more little doll clothes.


    • Alycia, It is perfect, isn’t it? I’m so lucky that I know what will work for A Doll Like Me. I usually stick to clothing for the dolls, but a fun little blanket is a no brainer every now and then!


    • Thank you. I find that most tiny doll clothes come out looking adorable. However, I am very partial to these little shorts with the real features.


  2. That sweet polar bear has the cutest face! You did a bang up job on the paper piecing to make him so perfect. And those shorts are the best! I want a pair in size 8 please!


    • Kathy, You make me laugh! If I liked wearing shorts, I’ld make myself a pair too. Thanks for the lovely comments, I’m happy with how it all came out.


  3. Your bear is just so perfect for a doll. Your quilting choice is perfect and I truely love the pockets and key loop detail on the shorts, wonderful.


    • Selina, Thanks so much. I also love those little details. I can never get enough of a tiny little outfit!!


  4. What a cute blanket. The bear is wonderful and I loved the quilt stitching on him. Don’t worry about having a special quilting machine…there are lots of quilters who just use their domestic. Fabulous cargo shorts – perfect fabric!


    • Thank you for the encouragement. I dream about a long arm, but honestly I wouldn’t even know how to use one. Meanwhile, there was something so satisfying in figuring things out for myself.


  5. Cute bear, and I had to go check out the Etsy shop, she has some fabulous patterns. The doll cargo shorts are too cute!


    • Colette, Thanks so much. I also will be back at her Etsy shop. The price was so reasonable and the pattern couldn’t have been better to follow. It was a great find. Thanks for the compliment.


    • Kathleen, you are right. I should have tried this sooner with a small doll quilt. The process is 1000% easier on a tiny project.


    • Hey, who doesn’t love a good pair of shorts, right!? I wanted long pants but there just wasn’t enough fabric to work with.


  6. Oh my goodness Elana that came out so darn cute. Your quilting looks incredible on it and give him so much personality. The cargo shorts to go with it, are icing on the cake. I have a little grandie who is going to be into dolls very soon, so I am making notes on where to find this cute pattern for them too. Thanks for playing along in the Polar Bear Hop.


    • Joan, You must check out the best doll clothes site https://www.pixiefaire.com/. I find so many reasonably priced patterns there. I try out different patterns but once Amy puts them on her dolls, she lets me know what’s working best. I have had some terrific little clothes from many patterns found on that site. Thank you so much for viewing and commenting. I love the point you made about the bear having personality. That’s a win in my book!!


  7. Your polar bear turned out super cute! And love those tiny cargo shorts. Your quilting is lovely! I love the straight lines, they are perfect for the quilt.


  8. This is adorable and so such a sweet doll quilt! Your quilting looks great, too. Those little shorts are just too cute. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you so much. The shorts are a great pattern. I usually try to make long pants for dolls this time of year but the polar bear fabric was down to the end scraps.


    • Thank you so much. I think it’s a he, but don’t really know why. I also don’t love assigning gender, but this one said boy to me.


    • Carol, Thank you so much. Those little shorts are so fun to make. I buy quirky novelty fabrics and it makes me giggle each time I complete a pair. Amy is able to pull together a whole ensemble for each doll she makes. Her dolls are works of art, each customized for the individual recipient with limb differences. Why not give them some fun fabrics too!?


  9. I really like your doll blanket. Often, I find trying to decide how to quilt a project the most difficult part of the process, and your decision to do the horizontal on the bear, and the vertical on the surroundings, is impressive. Thanks


    • Lynn, It’s interesting that you say the quilt plan is the most difficult part. I see how the pressure is on to make sure you do the quilt justice. Luckily, I am limited in what I can do so far. I’ve tried FMQ and just never liked how the backs look. The eyelashes on the other side really annoy me. I can’t wait to try another quilting run on my own.


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