Apple Hot Pads for Passover

Thank you Carol for this fun Little Green Apples hop, and for squeezing me in late in the game. Her blog can be found at if you want to check out her own work. Today is my day and I’m in just under the deadline.

I had grand plans for this hop but preparing for Passover has left me less time than usual. Here are my apple hot pads, which will be perfect on our seder table this year.

I found a cute pattern for an apple patchwork quilt block and adapted it into a pot holder. The pattern calls for 1.5″ inch squares but I used a 2″ square for my projects. I made one using red scraps and one with lime green scraps. I think one represents a Macoun and the other a granny smith apple.

For those that may not know, on Passover we use apples for a dish called Charoset. It may not qualify as a dish, since it’s an item on the seder plate. Charoset is made from chopped apples, cinnamon, wine and usually chopped walnuts. Each family has their own recipe, but the Charoset represents the mortar that our ancestors, the Hebrews slaves, were forced to use with bricks in Egypt. (Tradition tells us that those slaves helped build the pyramids, but the history is still debated today.) Apples are an integral part of our seders and in our house, I add chopped dates but skip the walnuts due to a nut allergy. Eating the charoset on matzah is probably my favorite part of the seder.

I quilted long thin lines on the red apple, but it was a lot more work than was necessary for this little piece. On the green pad, I quilted alongside the piecing lines and the results were better. I really like how the quilt lines on the green pad highlight the patchwork. As usual, one always learns with these blog hops. Practicing my quilting designs is a good activity. I’m always grateful for these hop opportunities. Check out the other hoppers to find some creative and interesting projects.

Thanks for stopping by.



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28 responses to “Apple Hot Pads for Passover

    • Thank you so much. I used them for the first time yesterday while precooking meatballs for the seder. Not bad and they held up without stains so far!!


    • Thank you so much. I love your project too. That one-of-a-kind tote bag is a great use of odd blocks or scrap fabric. The color combination makes it sing!! I wasn’t able to leave a comment..some technology issue that is a mystery to me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Karrin. I figure there aren’t so many blogging about my holiday so I wanted to share.


    • Carol, thank you as always. It was a fun project. I really had wanted to make an apple pin cushion. I get stuck though because I want to make it heavy, solid and functional, but am allergic to walnut shells. I have to research alternative stuffing materials for a future hop.


  1. These are really cute! Have a happy passover- Shalom!?? (don’t know if that’s correct?) Just means Hello, right?


    • Carla, thanks for the sweet comments. I like to share my holiday since I don’t come across many others who do. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, if that’s what you celebrate. I love all things spring including the colors and flowers…but not so much the sneezing!


    • Bernie, Thanks so much. All is well here and I follow your posts to see how much you’re enjoying life with grandchildren, gardening and all else West Coast! I also love a story so like to include it when appropriate. The best part of our quilting community is getting to know lovely folks like you!!!


  2. I loved hearing the story behind the seder meal and about Charoset. Both hot pads are sweet and it’s great that you made red as well as green apples. The quilting on both pads is great; usually I’m a fan of line quilting but the green one is wonderful.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I have done line quilting before and do love it very much. In this application, I really prefer the quilting of the green apple. It just goes to show that each piece requires something different…that having various techniques at our disposal is always a good thing!


  3. Your pot holders are beautifully made! I had no idea apples were an important part of Seder and had not hear of Charoset, but it sounds delicious! I would love it with both dates and nuts.


    • Thank you for stopping by. Yes, Charoset is delicious. My neighbor made us a few different kinds one year that are in her tradition and they were quite interesting. I used to be able to eat walnuts and yes, it is much better with that included. Alas, these days I toss in the dates but have to skip the throat-closing ingredient…for good reasons!


  4. The potholders are beautiful. Thank you for introducing us to some historical ways food has been symbolic to your family.


    • Thank you so much. Yes, the traditions of Passover are not universally known but can be interesting to learn. For those that celebrate Easter, there is overlap with the Passover seder including the use of eggs, the Last Supper and more.


  5. Your hot pads are perfect for your sedar table! Thanks to the lesson on Passover as well. That was very interesting. I love learning new things from my blogging buddies!


    • Joan, thank you so much. I love being your buddy! I like to share and learn and keep being inspired by all of you incredible quilters. These blog hops are always a great source of joy and learning for me!!


    • Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate the comments about the Passover tradition I shared. It’s so fun to learn from one another! I hope I never stop learning from this fabulous quilter community!!


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