Doll Quilts

img_7746Monday, Feb 13, 2017

I’ve been taking a break from sewing large quilts to make some little doll blankets for a wonderful endeavor called, A Doll Like Me.  The wonderfully talented artist behind them prefers that we focus on the children, rather than her own artistry.  I’ll just say… Amy, I am in awe of your mission and the impact you make with your loving creations!   The dolls are custom made for children with limb differences and other unique features.  Amazing attention to detail insures that each doll will be as special as the individual child that receives one.   I can’t put into words the love, acceptance and self-esteem boost that these dolls provide for the recipients.  Check out her Facebook page and be prepared to get a little emotional seeing the impact of this amazing endeavor.

Lucky me also recently received a generous gift of donated fabrics from Rosemary and Sherryl.  She and her daughter are angels to send such a huge box stuffed with so many wonderful fabrics.  I have pledged to make each charitable blanket using some of the fabrics from Rosemary’s wonderful treasure.  My students and I have all been inspired looking through this abundant stash of colors and patterns.  This fabric will be put to good use and I can’t thank you enough Rosemary and Sherryl!

I am humbled to make a few little doll blankets for A Doll Like Me.  Here are some of the little blankets I’ve made so far.  While I started out using up leftover quilt blocks, I kind of went crazy with ideas.  Rosemary’s fabrics have been the inspiration for several themes.

Finally, the kids in my Sunday sewing club, of course,  worked on doll blankets yesterday.  I can’t share their projects yet, since they’re not quite done.  A special thank you to my wonderful friends, Saul & Ilana, who graciously offer their house over and over,  letting us turn their living room into a “sweat shop”.  Finally, check out this adorable, colorful and happy “monster pillow” gifted to me yesterday by Poppy, to say thank you for my helping her with sewing.  Don’t you just love how the little pocket holds a card?  How lucky I am to have such a great, creative community!


5 responses to “Doll Quilts

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  3. I am honored that you have chosen my dolls to receive your works of art!!! You show these families that people care.
    And you are teaching your students that little people can make a big difference!
    Thank you for being who you are.

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