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I was stunned and thrilled to read Bernie’s blog this morning mentioning my friend Amy and her charity, A Doll Like Me.  I also got a few shout outs.  To be even a small part of this connection between these two women artists, is an honor for me.  For awhile now, I have been making doll blankets for Amy’s amazing customized dolls.  While I love making the little doll quilts, I just can’t keep up with the numerous creations that she makes each year.  Here is where Bernie of Needleandfoot.com came up with a big idea.  She has written a wonderful post about Amy and is requesting doll quilts on her behalf.  You must check out her blog post.  I know Amy to be an incredible person with the ability to bring support and love to so many families.  The world would be a much better place if we were all like her.

I am just getting to know Bernie and am so grateful for her interest and for this February blog event on behalf of A Doll Like Me.  Here is just a little shout out so please, to learn more, click on the Share The Love photo link below.  Quilters all over the world are being asked to make doll quilts for A Doll Like Me.  It would be incredible if Amy ended up with a tall pile of blankets ready for each doll that she makes and sends.  I don’t know if I’m allowed to participate, but I would be honored to pledge a quilt or two in honor of Bernie’s effort.


IMG_7905 (2)

The Annie Quilt with moveable dog ears

While you look or click on the link photo above, two of those doll quilts may look familiar because they were made by me.   The dog quilt to the left here, Annie’s quilt with moveable ears, went to a brave young boy who has endured many surgeries.  His doll, named Stuart, has become an important best friend and vital companion through many surgeries and hospital admissions.  The story of this boy and doll has been featured in the news.  Their tale is a fabulous example of the immeasurable support provided by A Doll Like Me.





Pink Friendship Braid

This Pink Friendship Braid doll quilt, along with the doll above with the pink heart t-shirt, went to a young girl awaiting surgery.  The expected procedure was going to remove a painful and unhelpful digit on her hand.  I hope that after healing, she has more mobility and is pain-free.

For now, this is it.  Please spread the word about A Doll Like Me and even consider a donation of a doll to someone in need.




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7 responses to “Spread The Love

  1. I read Bernie’s post this morning and was deeply moved. What a fabulous idea! Could you please tell me how big you make your doll quilts?


    • Gale, I agree that Bernie has a fab idea!! I make my quilts no smaller than 18″ x 24″ or so. However, some of mine end up even 22 x 28″. It all depends upon the design and what I think the quilt wants, if you know what I mean. Amy doesn’t care at all about the size, style or imagery. She just wants cheerful, soft and warm quilts. Since Amy mails the quilts and dolls, it is best that they not be too much larger than that big size I mentioned. Anything you wish will be fine. Start with your design and take it from there. No two of my doll quilts are alike, as you can see on my blog. If you have a design you’ve wanted to try out, this is a perfect opportunity to do it mini size. Or go with crumb quilts, string quilts, orphan blocks or crazy quilts. It’s all good and the individuality is something Amy embraces!! Thanks so much for your interest.


      • Your projects are lovely. Thank you very much for the detailed response. There are no little ones in my life, so it was hard to visualise what the possible size range should be. This sounds like a lot of fun.

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  2. Bernie, I saw your post early this morning you can’t believe my excitement!! I wish I could just hunker down and sew right now. Alas, I have household stuff that must be done today and there’s no time for play! I’ll be busy soon enough though. Thank you for embracing Amy and A Doll Like Me. I adore her and think everyone needs to know about her fabulous work!

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