Safelight Project 2021

I want to share some sewing that I’m working on for Safelight Project 2021. I know you may be thinking of the company that fixes glass windshields, but that’s not what this is!! For many years, Carole from has helped her local shelter by making spa bags for the women, men and children escaping abusive domestic situations. Carole buys tote bags and fills each with practical items such as lotion, hairbrushes and more. She includes handmade cards as well as a matching fabric kit for sunglasses, makeup and tissues. She provides simple, yet specific instructions for sewing kits and welcomes help. If you go to her site you’ll see she accepts donations and provides incentives such as giveaways. Making these kits is easy, and provides vital support. She would love items to be mailed to her by the end of May. The kits don’t take long to sew and are much appreciated. I already surprised myself by making 4 quick sets.

Here’s a quote from Carole that needs sharing:

The spa bags go a long way to making a difficult transition a little better, providing much needed support for residents who are going through a horrible time in their lives, betrayed by someone they loved, fleeing abusive situations with their children and virtually nothing else. Residents say the bags help them feel special and cared for, at a time when support is needed most.

Thank you Carole for all that you do. I hope to send you a bunch of these before the end of the month.

Here’s my first kit for Safelight. Please note that I made this makeup bag with a zipper, but Carole’s instructions are for using velcro. If you wish to use a zipper, that’s cool with her, and I can even give you the adapted measurements. (If you don’t own velcro yet check out my note below on buying an inexpensive, non-brand bundle of it on Amazon.)
That lightening bug fabric lining the sunglasses case is the last from my stash. I think it will bring a smile to someone if they note the detail.
This set is fun and here I actually remembered to quilt the makeup bag before it was assembled. I bought a bundle of colored velcro on Amazon awhile back. It’s not actually velcro, since that’s a specific brand name. They call this type “Sew on Hook and Loop Nylon Fabric Magic Fastener Tape.” Here’s the link if you’re interested.
I can’t help but be a little scrappy so I made this kit with some leftovers. Carole wants the items to all match, be cheerful and not with depressing fabrics. I think this fits the bill and is scrappy, yet unified and upbeat.

I have more kits coming but wanted to post now and remind others that this is an ongoing project. There are giveaways, prizes and more mentioned on her blog, so check it all out.

My Babylock Crescendo sewing machine had stopped working so I took it in for repair. (Yes, I found a new, wonderful repair shop for it.) When I got to the repair shop for the drop off, of course it had suddenly started to work again!! Isn’t that always how these things go!?? Well, I left it for a servicing anyways, because it had been quite awhile since things had been tuned up. I’m happy to report that it’s back and better than ever. They gave me a new bobbin case, which was unexpected. I use my machine non-stop, but seriously!?? The new one looks great and more to the point, the machine runs as smooth as silk. I highly recommend this place in Nanuet, NY. It’s out of state for me, but not a long drive. The store sells all kinds of fancy machines, including long arms. Yes, I did test out a few but the price tags were not even tempting!! Yes, I do fantasize about owning a long arm. No, I’m not getting one unless I win the lottery. It was exciting to test drive those babies though.

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7 responses to “Safelight Project 2021

  1. I don’t do so good at making those bag sets..yours are TOO CUTE!! Instead of getting exasperated I send her money instead! LOL


  2. Your kits will definitely brighten the recipient’s day. I do not have the skills/knowledge or supplies to make kits, so I send her a check each year. Carole is providing a bit of cheer filled with basic necessities and a few niceties for these folks during a very stressful time. I’m glad to have another worthwhile project to support. Thanks for sharing this on your blog as well. I hope others will join in making and sending kits her way. Take Care


    • The checks are gratefully received as well. Carole is lucky to have your support. It’s horrible to think that anyone feels unsafe in their own home, right!? I am happy to help in any way that I can.


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