Winter wardrobe

I just returned from trying to mail a package at the post office.  I forgot that today is a National Holiday for the funeral of George H. W. Bush.  Even the stock market is closed today in his honor.  To live to the age of 94, after years of sacrifice and public service, that is indeed something to celebrate!  Even if you didn’t agree with his platform or political views, there’s no doubt that he was a patriot, a loving husband, father, grandfather and someone to admire and respect.

So I will gladly wait until tomorrow to mail a big batch of winter doll clothing for A Doll Like Me.  I started last week by making some flannel doll pajamas  This week I’ve added some long sleeve outfits and long pants.  We are experiencing cold weather where I live in the U.S.  I realize that Amy’s dolls are going all around the world, to far-flung places that may have warm weather.  Still, I can’t bring myself to make tiny short pants when it’s freezing in my sewing studio.  If need be, I’ll have to crank up the space heater if I’m going to sew for summer!


I couldn’t pass up a remnant of this beautiful knit fabric at Joann’s.  Turns out, sewing knits is harder than I thought without a serger machine.  Either way, I love how this little dress came out.  I even contemplated keeping it for a American Girl doll that was donated to me.

The above dress wasn’t planned, but you’ll understand how it came about.   On Monday, I went to Joann’s fabrics just for elastic.   While there, I spied a small remnant of this gorgeous knit fabric.  It’s incredibly soft and has vivid colors.  I imagined a little doll dress would be perfect in the print, so I tossed it in my cart!!  Turns out that you really do better with a serger machine for knit fabrics.  I didn’t have an easy time of it, but the little dress looks so comfy for some lucky doll.  I would gladly make myself a skirt out of this print, but only with a serger at my disposal.


Dogs and more dogs on long pants for A Doll Like Me.  I adapted the pockets so that they are double lined and functional.  These details make me smile, even if no one else notices them.

Amy asked for little doll pants and I went to town looking for some fun fabric.  I made the above ones from an favorite cargo pants pattern.  I’ve used this pattern many times to make short pants, but it can be altered in different ways.  I use it here with and without pockets, with a matching cuff and without.  I even made one in light blue green flannel prints to mimic casual pants that my kids wear around the house…and out!  I do love to include the key fob when I’m in the mood.  It makes me smile, even if no doll may need a set of keys.

I kept up with my flannel pajama phase and found this orange sock monkey print in my stash.  How could I have forgotten it!?  I love the soft orange fabric and am certain these will bring smiles to some recipient.  They are as soft as they look, and the lining print is the perfect bold contrast.  I added in the orange stars so that I could get two pairs, but sadly, that may be it for the sock monkeys now.


These photos don’t do these nightgowns justice but they are both made of soft flannel and minimally decorated.  Another monkey print is on the left and it is looking like I have a concentration of certain animals, don’t I?


You can sure tell that I love dog fabrics.  Here’s another pair of flannel pajamas with the last of this adorable doggie print.  I wish that there had been enough for the entire outfit, but this contrasting print works will have to do.

Amy had suggested that I try some two piece girl pajamas to match the boy ones.  Below is my first attempt but I don’t think it works.  I definitely need to lose the buttons and lace, because there’s too much going on. While I like the matching fabrics, somehow it just didn’t wow me.

However, these last two pajama outfits with the stars and bright orange polka dots are perfection!  I love how these turned out.  The matching pair are soft, yet bright, and all that is needed for sleepwear.  For girls, I prefer this smocked shirt style to the coat-like one that buttons in the front.  It’s great to experiment with so many fun and soft fabrics.


This was a wow!  I love this girl pj flannel combo.  This shirt style works best for a girl’s outfit.  The bright orange print is going to be missed as I used up the last bits of it.


A boy version of the flannel pj’s above.  I love how these two pairs of pj’s came out.

I plan to mail this whole lot tomorrow, when the post office opens again.  Who knows, but I may have more items to even stash into the box before then.

thread catcher

In one final note, I am sad to read of another quilter wrapping up her business.  Amanda Jean of is “retiring” her business.  She has written fabulous books, designed great patterns and has been an inspiration to many.  I wish Amanda all the best and may we see her around from time to time.

I recognize that many artists morph and change their focus, but lately, it does seem to be an increasing trend in our quilting world.  The business is changing and we will adapt, as we must.  I try to keep up with news from the world of sewing, even if it can be depressing.  If you’re not already a subscriber to Abby Glassenberg’s newsletter, “While She Naps”, I urge you consider joining.  She has talent as a journalist and maintains professional connections in the industry.  She keeps up to date on the business side of quilting.  Even if you’re just like me, not a business person but a blogger with an intense hobby, you will benefit from being in-the-know.  It never fails that I learn something new with each of Abby’s publications.  I am grateful to Abby’s meticulous research in helping us all stay informed in all things fabric!!

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11 responses to “Winter wardrobe

  1. Pingback: Charity Sewing Brain | That Fabric Feeling·

    • Thank you. The clothing is for dolls that are 18″. They are made by Amy of A Doll Like Me and she puts them onto her creations. Her dolls are customized and individually made according to the details of the recipient. They go to kids (and adults) with limb differences, medical issues and features that are unique. This way each child can get a doll that looks like them.


  2. Your doll clothes are adorable! I’m glad you said that about sewing with knits. I see people sewing knits with regular machines on tv, and although they never mention that they have a serger sitting out of sight from the camera, I have never been able to achieve the same results with my sewing machine.


    • Marti, I agree that it is just so difficult without the serger. I think my machine may have a serger stitch cause it’s a fancy schmancy Babylock, but until I learn it better, that will be enough knit for now. Thank you for your comments as I also thought it was just me having difficulty.


  3. Good Morning! You are so talented creating these fun and beautiful wardrobes for A Doll Like Me. I need to get back to making some dolly quilts again. It’s going on my list for late this year as I’ve been saving 2.5″ squares for some fun designs. Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    • Roseanne, I would love to see what you end up making. If you don’t know the pixiefaire site, do check it out. All the best, Elana


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